Monday, May 27, 2013


I had a plan for this morning, yet I got up too late. I don't know why, but I couldn't sleep in. This morning I must have switched off the alarm clock, but I cannot remember anymore to have done it. Of course in the morning I could sleep. I could hurry to the yoga class. Hurrying is not what I want these days.
That I overslept disappoints me. Might it be so.

The Mysore class that is offered today in a new shala lasts 90 min. This is short for me. I had already a plan how to press my practice into this time frame. I would have omitted full vinyasa. I always do full vinyasa when I practice second series. To do half vinyasa could also be a good idea for my practice at home when I want to add third series asanas.

I have no time: Yesterday we had the "no-time discussion" in our photography group. One woman asked us how we found time for our photography. Yet I'm more and more convinced that one has time for anything if it's important enough. Years ago, I had to search for time for my Ashtanga yoga practice. I found it in the morning. I got up earlier, I got up at 5am to be precise. Yes, amazing, but I managed it to get up that early.
If we fall in love with someone we also find time for phone calls, writing Emails, meetings and day dreaming.
Everybody has the same time: 24 hours.

In this context I love to quote Oli Kahn. He moderated the Champions League match and was asked how the players manage the stress. He repeated what he had written in his book "Ich" ("I): routines help. If one exercises the same routines again and again, they become so strong, that it's difficult not to do them. This helps to do things and it helps to do things with less stress.

I love to check my routines from time to time. Sometimes they need modification.

My routine in the morning is:
- getting up (goal is here 6am), having a quick shower
- sipping coffee and having a tiny breakfast
- checking my mails and sometimes I write my blog in the morning. It's very time-consuming. It could be good to postpone this after yoga. Yet I love to write sometimes already in the morning. :)
- writing my 3 morning pages
- then I'm ready for my yoga practice
- when at home I shower again afterwards, this time more profound (hahaha), otherwise I often take a bath before evening.
- When my yoga practice is done, it's ofen already lunch time.

Routines need some time till they flow and till they are strong. They develop automatically as they are helpful. To work on them consciously makes sense. Quickly also bad routines develop, i.e. coming home and switching on the TV.

What do I want to practice today: second series. I'll spice it up with third series asanas.......

Picture: Feminity was the topic of last week in the photography group. The week was over and nobody has published anything even though we are all woman. I loved the topic, so I took my camera, the result is above.


Anna said...

Reading your post is part of my morning routine - so, thank you.

Ursula Preiss said...

Thank you for reading, Anna. A blog without readers who comments is much less fun.

Debb said...

Love you in red, dear U.

Stefanie Szillat said...

Hallo Ursula,
ich bewunder dich und deine Routine wirklich.

Um 6 Uhr aufstehen, das müsste mir mal als Routine passieren. ;)
Aber ich bin in den letzten zwei Jahren irgendwie schleichend zur Eule geworden.
Spät aufstehen und spät ins Bett gehen.

Liebe Grüße,

Ursula Preiss said...

Many thanks, Debb. Yeah, I think red is good for me. I'm dynamite. :)

Ursula Preiss said...

Liebe Stefanie,

wie schön, dass du meinen blog gefunden hast und kommentiert hast. Das freut mich sehr. (Es ist mein Hauptblog)

Mein Yoga hat mein gesamtes Leben umgekrempelt. Es ist so zeitintensiv, aber es ist mir auch so wichtig, dass ich früh aufstehen muss. Bin früher mal Langschläferin gewesen. Lang lang ist's her.

Und dann noch meine zeitintensive Leidenschaft das Fotografieren, ich muss früh aufstehen. Nicht immmer gelingt's

Ich freu mich sehr in der von dir initiierten Frauengruppe zu sein. Es macht ganz viel Spaß. Du hast so viel Energie, das ist klasse und ansteckend.

Ganz liebe Grüße auch an dich. Ursula