Monday, May 06, 2013

Reflections on my practice yesterday and plan for today

I practiced yesterday: Slowly. With attention. I explored asanas, especially those that requires a prop.

 Pashasana was one of them. Thanks to Kino MacGregor I got some inspirations. Usually I'm on the balls of my feet when I get into the pose. As soon as the hand are together I roll back. This implies the danger to roll out of the pose. My heels are not too far away from the floor, nevertheless to bring them down to the floor seems to be a too dynamic move.
Yesterday I tried to get into the pose with heels down on the blanket first. It was doable. It's a bit more challenging to get into the pose. Yet this is the way to get rid of the blanket.

Oh, it made me smile yesterday. I was searching pictures of asanas. Then I found Lino Miele in purna matsyendrasana. And he used a blanket to stabilize the pose. This made me feel a lot better about my performance. :)
I looked a bit ill on the picture. So I made a back and white shot out of it. This turns every picture into art.

In the morning I feel always 100% better than at night. I want to practice. I cannot omit back bending.
First I'll do the three poses of primary that need improvement:
1.  upavishta konasana A
2. Supta parsvasahita
3. Coming up with straight legs to urdhva mukha paschimottanasana

Then second series:
1. I'll practice till after the twists.
2. Then I'll switch to third series.

Coughing! This is already more than enough, what I want to do on the mat. My body will guide me. It still needs energy to heal. Better to be a bit modest. Till Friday I must be super fit. On Saturday we've a big party. We'll celebrate E's birthday party with friends close to my parents home. Almost all the organizational work is done. Now we can look forward to the event. I do.

Knowing the goal, but focusing on the work that needs to be done will do it.


Anna said...

It's 'reflections" :-)

Ursula Preiss said...

The "x" was a kiss, Anna....hahaha....just a joke.

My spelling check doesn't check the headline. So bad. :)

Thank you.