Saturday, May 04, 2013

Purna matsyendrasana

This is the new twist pose from third series that I often add after the twists of primary or second series. This twist is also a balancing pose. I need a blanket under my body in order not to fall out of the pose.

The twists that I've learned so far became already a tiny bit easier. This is a trick. If one challenges oneself with poses that are a bit too difficult, the doable poses, become even easier. It looks so simple that pose, yet it's a real deep deep twist. I was not sure if I were able to get closer to it. I know that thinking that a pose is possible is the very first step. I became optimistic, I changed my thinking to "it's possible" and voilà.

I also believe now that one day I'll be able to do this pose without the blanket.

The cold still bothers me. My theory: with pills the cold disappears within 8 days, without pills it disappears withing a week. I eat fruit. I relax. I drink a lot of water. I trust that my body will kill the infection. I plan only few things to do, yet I need a new frame of my glasses.

I've been reading an interesting book: Kevin Dutton "The wisdom of Psychopaths". One point has been that psychopaths and also holy people, those who meditate, have the ability by nature or learned to focus on what's going on right now. Nothing is more horrible than thinking of of fearful events in the future. The event often is less horrible than the thoughts about it.
Focusing on the present is a technique that can make life easier. I've found another argument to start practicing meditation again: 10 min a day is enough. yet 10 min I want to sit in lotus pose, focusing on my breath.
Another insight from the book is: Focus on the work that need to be done to achieve a goal and not so much on the goal.
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Breakfast now: A mango, my vitamin bomb for today and soy yogurt.

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