Tuesday, May 07, 2013

On teeth, on tooth flesh.

How could it come so far?

I belong to a generation, parts of it thought the teeth get cleaned by themselves. Animals don't brush their teeth either, do they? It's true, I had a time in my life where dental care had no priority. In the apartment building where I lived also lived a friend, long hair, long beard, and no healthy teeth care either. Once I visited him and he had tooth pain. I sat opposite at him when I realized in this face and his silence that the pain got worse. Suddenly he stood up took the axe that leaned against the wall. Why ever he had an axe, because he needed it to cut wood for his tile stove. He swung the axe backwards, screamed and hacked against the closed door. Again and again and again. The door had a crack at once. My only thought: how can I get out of here. Yet then I had to go through that door and I feared this. This man seemed unstoppable. After a while, I'm not sure if he had no power anymore or if he had enough, he sat down, obviously calmed down. Choleric character? It seemed as if the tooth pain had disappeared. Me: "I must go now." Quickly I disappeared. Luckily I could open the damaged door. I went up to my flat, heart was racing like crazy.

Cleaning the teeth is the no 1 habit that keeps them healthy:

I know most people don't do it. In some cases it won't matter. Good genes. In my case I'd say it was not so good to be so careless, to say the least.
In addition most people don't know how to clean the teeth profoundly. I got detailed information 2 years back and I've changed my cleaning habits.
Most dentists don't like to spend much time to forward detailed information about prophylaxis. It's not well paid. I also fear many don't know how to clean profoundly.
The suggestions of dentists: Do you use an electric tooth brush. Yeah, by then I already used technical appliances, but this is not everything.
A woman, specialized in prophylaxis, who is also cleaning my teeth every 6 months nowadays, told me all I must know.

1. Teeth must be brushed after every breakfast/dinner/lunch/pralines and not only in the morning and in the evening. Few do this. I remember when I worked in companies, it was only me who stood in the restroom cleaning my teeth. Colleagues talked to me while my mouth was full of tooth paste: I should do this, too. But nobody did it.
2. First clean the gaps between the teeth close to the tooth flesh. There are tools for this on the market.
3. Then floss. Also here different qualities of floss are available. Always use the best available.
4. Then use the water pick with hand warm water.
5. Then brush with your electrical tooth brush. Hold it on a tooth and move it slightly to the sides. Then let it clean the next tooth. Don't forget to clean the plane that faces to the inner side of the mouth. Change the tooth paste from time to time. Don't use mouth water as it destroys the natural flora of the mouth.
6. Ha and now comes the Indian part: Clean your tongue at the end. This makes a difference.

To my excuse I can say that electrical tooth brushes didn't exist in my youth, nor did the other tools. Yet one must keep oneself informed.

The worst experience that I had with my teeth has been when I was jobless once. A former German colleague working in France recommended me to a German colleague working in Munich. I called him and soon after we met in a café for an interview. He was talking a lot. Suddenly I tasted blood on my tongue. I apologized and went to the restroom. There I rinsed my mouth with cold water to stop the blooding, yet with not so much success. I had to return to our table. Each time when I wanted to say something, I cleaned my teeth with my tongue first. I remember this man as a fat man in a black suit, sweating a lot. Pearls of sweat developed on his front. Some became so heavy that they rolled down on the sides of his face. We have all our body issues. The fat sweaty man and the woman with the bloody teeth. Oh my. We never worked together because the chemistry was too different.

From time to time I was adventurous enough and went to a dentist, i,e, after such an experience. The men in white saw my teeth and saw the Euros they could make. They wanted to make crowns crowns crowns. All the amalgam they wanted to remove. Nobody really cared about my tooth flesh and prophylaxis. Looking back, I'm glad now that I didn't give in. To build a house on a ground, poisoned with bacteria would have created a disaster.

Yesterday I learned what the surgery will cost. 11 teeth shall be abstracted. I don't know why wisdom tooth don't count, but dentist always tell me they are redundant. Let's subtract them. I need 9 implants. I negotiated. Perhaps it's not necessary to substitute every tooth. I'll make another appointment with the dentist to get more information here. I'll also ask another dentist for advice. The dentist also will open the tooth flesh around my teeth that will remain in my mouth to clean there. I felt shitty yesterday.

If the surgery will go well and if the implants last, it's a good decision to do it. If no,t it would have been better to wait till I lose my teeth via a natural process.

The antibiotics that I took a week or 2 ago killed the bacteria in my mouth. They also damaged my flora in the bowel. Now I've to care for my bowel. To have teeth issues is humiliating from head to bowel.

Do I fear the pain of the surgery? Not really. I lend a way of thinking from psycho paths and meditators. The current moment counts and I don't have pain now. I complain and worry about pain when I have it.

It's difficult to find a good dentist.

There is something that everybody can do:



Kitharo said...

Important topic and well explained. I also think many people don't look after their teeth enough... I personally had to learn it, too, when I grew up, because my parents never really bother to look after them (and of course I had to pay the price)... but I think it's something eveyone should do.

So I feel your pain. And honestly, I don't even want to imagine what this all will cost... hope your teeth, bowel and money will recover soon from this unfortunate event :(

Wish you all the best - Julian

Ursula Preiss said...

Thank you, Julian.

I'm on my way to become an expertin teeth issus. The Internet is so helpful.

It all looked worse at first sight than it looks now. I'm working for a solution for myself. I read that many people don't need the last 4 teeth i.e..

I shall see......I'm optimistic. The first shock evaporated.

Have a good evening - Ursula

Anna said...

In the UK many people have their wisdom teeth removed in adult life. One of mine was impacted and had to be removed - in hospital (coward!). I am spending a lot of time at the dentists as I really want to have good teeth as I get older. My dentist said there's no reason why teeth shouldn't last your whole life but sugar is the big killer of teeth. My natural colour is a bit yellow but I don't want bleach in my mouth. And you're right about mouth wash - a complete con and risky.