Thursday, May 30, 2013

I'm dancing, I'm relieved.....

The appointment was at 4:30pm. This would have allowed me to practice in the morning, yet I was not able to do anything. It was a very lame day yesterday. Feelings varied from curiosity to excitment. I calmed myself down with food.

On time I was at the dentist. It's such a luxury place. In the entrance hall close to the reception they have a basin. Plastic cups stand there. If one turns on the water only mouth warm water is running. There one can rinse the mouth.
Water and coffee is offered, if one has to wait.

I sat in the waiting room when the dentist came in. He greeted me with a hand shake and a smile in his face: "We can offer you something good."

And it was something good that they could offer me to heal my gum and save my teeth. It's so good that I must almost cry while writing this. Before getting into detail here, I want to sum up what had happened by now. Shall my experience have the potential to help others.

- Regularly I got my teeth cleaned. The woman who cleaned them sent me to the dentist as she saw her limits to clean my teeth. First a very young dentist who I remember now saw my teeth and interpreted the x-ray that we had done first. He wanted to pull out 1 tooth. I thought that I'll refuse. It should become worse. From my knowledge now I think that this is the only tooth that must be pulled out. This young doctor, probably he has just finished college and applied his knowledge was not so wrong with his diagnosis. The next time I should see his boss. I don't want to call this dentist "dentist No1" anymore. For me it's the money dentist. I tried to find a friendly word. This money dentist wanted to pull 11 teeth and he wanted to implant even the wisdom teeth. The costs were so high that I fell off my chair when I learned about it. This time the assistant dentist walked behind his boss like a beaten dog. If one gets so different therapy possibilities at one dentist one must doubt. It's a huge difference if one gets 1 tooth pulled or 11. The assistant dentist was not yet a business man.
The diagnosis and therapy shocked me.
They started with a week antibiotic. Three times a day I took these pills which were like bombs in my body This was as I know now the first wrong step to cure my gum. To give an overall antibiotic kills all bacteria also the good ones in a body. But not only this alone. The overall antibiotic only kills the bacteria in the tissue. In the gap between the teeth the bacteria survive and soon they will increase again. The effect of the antibiotics is from very short time. In addition the side effects were horrible. My bowl couldn't work anymore. I needed the next pills to cure it.
I think now that this prescription of antibiotic was very good for the pharma industry and bad for my body.

- Then I went to another dentist, I call him the theory dentist. I wanted to hear a second opinion. The theory that this dentist told me sounded very good. First one tries to heal the gum and when nothing is possible anymore one pulls out the teeth,then one can make implants. I asked him if they can do this and he said "no" as they were specialised in implants and he suggested first to cure the gum. I wanted him to look at my x-ray to apply his knowledge to my special case. Yet he was a lecturer. Finally I asked him if he knew a dentist who would be able to help me. He said "no", but wanted to ask his boss. When he returned he said that they don't know a dentist and suddenly he looked at my x-ray. "What we can offer you is to pull out these 5 teeth, and we can make surgeries to lift the gum to clean under it. Then you only have to spend xy-Euro." It was a bit like on a market. I think his boss told him: Don't send her to someone else. We make this business ourselves.

- My last hope was now dentist No3. I'll call him dentist No1, because he is a No1 dentist. They suggested to clean first the gums and then to progress with the therapy. But first they want to clean and kill the bacteria where they are. Then they want to check the results to make further decisions what to do. One tooth must be pulled out pehaps. It was the same tooth the assistant dentist of the money doctor wanted to pull out. We talk about 1 tooth. This is something else than to pull out 11 or 5 teeth.
This one tooth has also a history. I've been angry for years, because a dentist wanted to make a crown on this tooth. Unexperienced as I've been with 20 something I agreed. At the end I was told it made sense to make it fast as it will become more expensive to get crowns on teeth. This can never be a reason to get a crown, because it costs less now than in 3 years. It was done much too early.

In June my teeth and my gum get cleaned and antibiotics will be put on places where needed.

My tips: 
1. Be very critical if you shall take antibiotics for the entire body.
2. From time to time go and see another dentist to get another view on your teeth, also when everything seems to be OK. My dentist should have seen my issue. My gum got ill during the last 10 years. This illness could have stopped much earlier with a correct diagnosis and therapy.
3. I cannot emphasize enough the necessity of prophylaxis: clean your theeth profoundly after every meal.

As soon as I left the dentist I called my husband to tell him the good news. He invited me to the Greek restaurant. In vain I tried to make a reservation. We're full, I heard, yet we went. E could imagine himself there and after 30 min of waiting we got very nice seats. Next to us sat a group of Brazilian women. And later a Brazilian dancer made us all hot. She was too good to be true. I ate too much, I drank too much ouzo during that Brazilian night in our Greek restaurant. I had to celebrate.
I'm recovered. My debauchery was still within a healthy frame. I'm so happy. I've hope now again.

(Spelling check is not working, I hope I found all the spelling mistakes.)


Kitharo said...

Who knew this story would have such a happy ending :-) I'm glad that the third dentist has even betters news for you... let's hope that everything heals just fine!

But it's really great news! Enjoy your tooth party :-)

- Julian

Ursula Preiss said...

You cannot imagine how happy I am, Julian. Finally a light at the horizon.

:)So relieved.

Globie said...

That is such wonderful news.

Ursula Preiss said...

I'm so happy, Globie.

Anna said...

Oh hurray hurray hurray! I was so worried I spoke to my own dentist about your case! I was thinking of asking him to email you! You deserve a complete rest from worry now.
By the way, in English "restaurant is full."

Ursula Preiss said...

Yes, 3 times hurray, Anna. You're so sweet, thank you for wanting to help me. This pleases me a lot.

What a luck, that I was pushed to see other dentists, too. What a luck that there are still dentists who see the client first and not the mortgage that they want to pay back or the Porsche they want to buy.

gorangosho said...

wow you r so hot;)