Wednesday, May 01, 2013

I also celebrate 10 years of Ashtanga yoga

In the beginning I went to led classes and I didn't know that it was Ashtanga yoga that I was exercising. I was only wondering why we didn't get a neck massage from the teacher. The Jivamukti teachers usually ran from student to student in the beginning and in the end of a class to massage the yoginis.

Much later I learned what a cult Ashtanga already was in the US. And it still is. I got the information from the Internet.

That Ashtanga yoga would change my life that dramatically was not predictable. It became the spine of my life, my calm pole. This practice keeps me strong and flexible. Other activities are planned around this morning practice.

In the beginning I had once a week a yoga class, sometimes twice. Otherwise I practiced alone.

In the meantime M came to Munich and he is so excellent. It was a matter of time till we would become more and more yoginis. These days the room is crowded, one mat is next to another mat. Like everything this has good points and not so good ones. The energy in the room is great. Yet I'm again a bit more alone. The assistants often have not understood the Ashtanga yoga system, neither the asanas. M is busy busy.
I think this is the way it is. After so many years of practice one must be able to study alone again. It's so much easier than 10 years ago, as so many yoginis have published videos. The blogger write about their experiences. Time is optimum to study alone.

I want to plan a bit: In the next 10 years it should be possible to practice all 4 series. I've already started with the third series.

What is effective, what is not so effective will be a topic of my next blog post. 


Kitharo said...

Alles Gute nachträglich :-) (is there any word for it in English? haha)

and also: happy yoga aniversary! 10 years is such a long time and it clearly is a blessing. May your practice enrich your life another 10 years :-)

- Julian

Ursula Preiss said...

Thank you very much, Julian.

I'm looking forward to all the practices to come.....:)

Ha, Ashtanga keeps me young.....:)

Julinka said...

You inspire me so much,thank You,Ursula!