Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How to approach third series

1. Yesterday I omitted full vinyasa. It's strange, but this made the entire practice easier. At the end of second series one starts from samasthitih, but the back bending asanas can be connected. It felt good. It saves time and energy.

2. I remember that my yoga teacher told me not to practice the standing asanas when I add third series asanas. I had forgotten this. I practiced them because I felt too stiff. The standing asanas prepare the body for the middle part and make me flexible. Yet it's possible jump directly after the surya namaskaras to pashasana.
Pashasana, yep I've the feeling that my new way to get into the pose will help me to get rid of the blanket under the heels. Till now I was on the balls on my feet, got into the twist, bound, and then I rolled back.
Since a short time I start getting into the pose when the heels are on the floor. This is a bit more challenging. Yet that way I cannot role out of the pose. I'm not yet able to put the blanket aside, but I feel that this is the way to go.

3. Not practicing the standing asanas, leaving out the vinyasas in the beginning of second series helps to have energy left for the third series asanas. Nevertheless they come at the end. My trick is to blend them and to add them after asanas where they fit. The leg behind head asanas of third series I add after the leg behind head asanas of second series. I practice these challenging asanas much earlier than it's supposed to be. I don't care for a while. I know I wouldn't practice them at all if I wouldn't practice them earlier when I've still more energy. At the end of a practice I'm usually tired. The body has no energy more, the mind is unfocused.

4. Just to complete the list. To get rid of the extra pounds that many of us have the practice is easier, too.

Also this night I had difficulties to sleep in. In the morning I was tired, sleepy, without energy. It was difficult to make a fist. Slowly energy entered my body, when a bit stronger I got up, prepared a black cup of coffee for myself, enjoyed it and a tiny breakfast, too. It's cold here, the sun is out. I'm looking forward to my sweaty Ashtanga yoga practice.

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