Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Focus, focus, focus

Ashtanga yoga is a mental exercise (also). If one knows this, it's very likely that this skill to focus improves. To focus consciously makes life easier. One can chose an uplifting focus i.e.. To focus on the breath when in pain can help to make the pain bearable.
The mind is wild by nature. It can be trained like the body.

What shall be the focus for the next 25 min, is a good question.

On the mat, when practicing Ashtanga yoga I exercise the skill to focus. I focus on my breath, drishti, correct performance of the asanas. Excluding all the other worries that we all have in life is relaxing. Not only this, one even speaks  of the power of focus. Things get done when I'm able to focus on a given task.

Focus on and off the mat is one of the tools that improves life in general.

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