Sunday, May 05, 2013

Cold feet and a too warm head

Yesterday my feet were so cold and I got fever again. I hope now that this was the worst day and the worst night. At night I sweated a lot. I bathed in my sweat. When I tossed and turned my head felt cold, because my hair was so wet. I coughed all night long. Was I happy that I was alone. I would have been an impertinence for my bed partner. My abdomen hurt in the end. The coughing finally sounded like the barking of a dog on a chain. I postpone usually to take pills. Yet my pain tolerance was not that high yesterday. The headache should disappear. I found an Aspirin and took it. It helped.
I'm up. I must have slept a few hours, I must have, otherwise I would feel lousier. The shower after getting up, was refreshing. Here I am, ready for the day!

Yesterday was my yoga free day: Saturday. 
I've been disciplined and got the frame of my glasses repaired. When I returned from downtown I've been so exhausted, the steps to the second floor seemed endless. At home I relaxed on the bed first.
I've been also disciplined enough to clean the kitchen after dinner. This morning I had a clean kitchen and a first little joy about it. It wouldn't have been easier to do the yesterday's dishes today. Discipline facilitates life.
When routines are strong while one feels good, they are also doable when not feeling so good.

Today I want to practice second series. I'll practice slowly that makes it easier and I'll take breaks if necessary. No wrong ambition today. Just to move the body is good.

On the picture is eka pada sirsasana. It got better, I think. My back is rather straight. Next time I'll take care of my foot. It shall be parallel to the wall. It can be helpful to use a block. I did this a few days back with primary. If the foot is stretched, the stretch in general is less. This can protect from injuries, especially if one exercises the split poses, i.e.


Anna said...

Poor thing! Hope the fever is passing now. Your English is so charming Ursula that I hate to alter any of it! But one small tip - you don't need 'what' in front of "Was I happy that I was alone". Take care of yourself.

Debb said...

Only you, could put into words, so charming as Anna said, a story about feeling ill. I always read a bit of humor between the lines, creates smiles on my face. Feel well soon, my dear U..

Ursula Preiss said...

Thank you Anna,
Thank you Debb,

I'm thankful for corrections! There will be still enough cutness in my texts, I hope. Mistakes are mistakes and they are to avoid. :)

Good morning. :)