Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Becoming an expert

I'm so thankful that we have the Internet these days. So many people share their experiences, their knowledge. Others search help and get answers, too. I know that I'm not alone with my tooth issue. Others went through the same  process. Perhaps one day my blog posts can help someone else. This is why I'm writing about this rather private issue.

A human being has usually 28 teeth. 16 in the upper jaw, 16 in the lower jaw. When looking at the schemata by a dentist, the right side of the teeth is left and the right side of the teeth is right. It's as if you look in your face. One counts from front middle backwards. Yesterday I sat on my bed, in front of me were the papers from the dentist. I had a mirror in my hand and examined my teeth. Hahaha.....I simply want to know which teeth have to go. How do they look like these little pearls in my mouth?

The wisdom teeth have a bad reputation, despite the name. When soccer players have injuries one of the first  treatments is to extract the wisdom teeth, because under them are often bacteria. The wisdom teeth are considered as redundant. One doesn't substitute them.

How many teeth does a person need? This was my question yesterday. And more precise: Do I really need the last 4 teeth. I came to the conclusion, that I don't need these four back teeth. Nice to have, but the life quality is not that much influenced by them. I don't bite my broccoli that far back in my mouth. It's difficult to clean these last teeth. In addition I want to have as less foreign bodies in my body as possible. Foreign bodies always create issues, follow-up costs. And why?
I've also learned that there is a nerve in the lower jaw and if it gets injured parts of the face might get numb. Why risking this?
The insight that I won't need a substitute for the last 4 back teeth saves me a lot of future trouble and money.
Yet I fear they will be pulled.

There are people who have the so-called abbreviated row of teeth: this means that they have not substituted the last 3 back teeth. This might have an influence of the quality of life. To bite only with the front teeth sounds not so good to me.

I counted: 11 teeth shall be pulled. 2 of them are wisdom teeth. They are trouble makers as we've learned and thus redundant. Then we have 9 teeth. 4 of these 9 teeth are the last back teeth. As described one can do without them. Then we have 5 teeth left. For those I can get implants. This sounds better already.

Taxes: In Germany there is tax allowance for extraordinary expenses re health issues. To get the most out of it the treatment must be done in one year. I hope my treatment is approved.

I'm balanced and optimistic again. I'm also no more in a hurry. Nothing must be done at once, also not a tooth surgery. I'll know when I'll be ready for it.

In the past barbers pulled teeth. They cleaned the wound with a soap sud. Hahaha.....

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