Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Back on the mat

Party time is over.

It was all so good to gather to celebrate birthday. We know so wonderful people, this fulfills me with joy.

It was afternoon when I was on my mat. I wanted to focus on my breath. It's a relief. It calms the mind. My body was flexible, yet a bit weak. I could do the advanced poses like the eka pada sirsasana. In sum it was a relaxed practice, a short one.

The next day:
I'm sipping coffee. Today is Tuesday. Home practice. Our teacher informed us about the schedule of the next weeks. He'll be often absent, yet he cares for his students. He suggests where to practice and found even someone who shall substitute him. Yet there is no substitute for him, I think he knows this.

Perhaps summer time is the time to look around and to visit the new Ashtanga yoga studios here in Munich. Let's see if the teacher have learned anything, too. Hahaha....


Anna said...

Hello Ursula - I was thinking for some time that it would be good to have a spring clean re. your blog banner photograph... It's been there a long time (I remember how you climbed up onto a cupboard for E. to take it - hahaha. I think the black and white photo of you with the tulips would be a good substitute. Ignore me as you wish!

I've had such a bad day dealing with bureaucracy... Organisations just don't like people who move around a lot.

Ursula Preiss said...

It's true Anna, I'd love to update my cover every year. I will think of something new. The tulips are too dominating in my view.

Ideas will come.

Have you moved again?
This is work, oh yes, I know this, since I've changed my name. Hahaha...