Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A minimalistic day

When I've an appointment with a dentist, then this is it what I do this day. I plan nothing else but this. Before seeing the dentist I prepare questions, after having seen him, I must digest the answers.

My idea is to get consulted by 2 more dentists. Then I'll have 3 diagnosis, 3 suggested therapies, 3 different costs. One must live with the fact that all agree with the diagnosis, but the offered therapy is slightly different.

I don't want to make an Odyssey out of it. I can make fast decisions. My situation also requires to make a decision. Things can get worse. Yet to hear 3 doctors before such surgeries where I'll lose more than 10 teeth seems reasonable to me.

The first dentist who made all the x-ray is not forwarding them to my new dentist. "You can get to another dentist," he told me, yet now he boycotts it. The assistants tried to call, yet nobody picked up the receiver. I know this already from this dentist. They are not reachable. To follow-up if they've forward the x-ray is my job today.

Next week I'll see another dentist specialised in implants. He might be excellent, too, yet the consulting rooms are so far away, that I cannot imagine to get there when in pain i.e.. And my teeth must be checked often after the surgeries.

Since yesterday in the afternoon, I'm a bit further: the decision who'll be the dentist is made. It will be the one that I saw yesterday. I must trust here. My first impression is very good.

Many dentists offer special treatment for phobic patients. I'm not a phobic patient. It seems to me that the only handling with the fear of a patient is to give him/her a general anesthetic, to knock him/her out completely, so to say.
My handling with fear would be softer. When I've fear I start gathering all the information I need to feel safe. Insecurity creates fear. Knowledge can indeed calm. A general anesthetic shall be the last step in my view.

At home again I read in the book "Verbrechen" (Guilt) by Ferdinand von Schirach. The author has collected stories that he experienced during his time as trial lawyer. At night I told some of the stories E. "Such stories you're reading?" was his comment. I needed it, it distracted me from my teeth.

Yoga: For the time being it serves to relax. I'll take out the ambition to accomplish anything when I'll practice today. Enjoying the form of the asanas is it. The breath will be my focus. This calms the mind.

The sun is shining and I feel good. Sunshine has a positive influence on my mood.


Anonymous said...

I like this post very much, dear U. I have allowed myself (my mind) to experience some fear lately. I will apply your wisdom in saying "When I've fear I start gathering all the information I need to feel safe. Insecurity creates fear. Knowledge can indeed calm." These words will help me, I'm certain. You are truly one of the wisest woman I am privileged to know. Namaste to you ♥

Ursula Preiss said...

Dear Debb,
My teeth issues are not such a joy. Yet I'm so thankful for all those who share online their experiences. I profit so much from it. This is why I write also about my experiences and what I'm learning to help others here.

I'm very happy when I can help you. Good luck and might you find the information you need.


Anna said...

I do the same - information is empowerment and I feel calmer and safer when I've researched something. Ignorance for me is NOT bliss.

Ursula Preiss said...

I see many methods to calm phobic patients. Some methods are more time intensive than others.

A general anesthetic costs a lot, it has risks, yet it's fast for sure.
This is why it's probably the preferred method. In some cases it might be good. I prefer softer methods.

I'm glad that information is available these days online.