Thursday, May 16, 2013

A holistic concept and Angelina Jolie

How could it come that far? The diagnosis is periodontitis in the last stadium. In the last 10 years I've seen a dentist at regular intervals. He knew my issue. Yet his knowledge was obviously limited, he was too careless and he also had not the means for a profound therapy. Just to get my teeth cleaned by an assistant was not enough. Once he cleaned profoundly the pockets, yet the bacteria already were much deeper and disturbed the bones. With a test he could have found out.

This is the past. It's difficult to find the experts. Everybody claims to be one, yet in reality they are rare.

Also tooth cleaning can be done so and so.
Finally 1 year back I found someone who is specialized in cleaning teeth. A profound cleaning lasts 1 hour and not only 15 min and this woman finally sent me to the dentist. She realized that her possibilities to clean my teeth were limited.

The dentist who examined my teeth and tooth flesh wrote a therapy and cost plan. The clerk who wrote it should explain it. She was not able to do it. She maundered something about a holistic concept that they offer. This should justify the price, I think. Yet did I really get a holistic treatment by now? No, I didn't.

Since this dentist started my treatment I had to consult 2 further doctors.
- The penicillin that I should take, burnt. I feared my gullet would get damaged. I found online help. A good tip would have been to drink much much more water than just one glass. To be prepared also helps to stand the pain. The pain was so awful that I wanted to interrupt the treatment. The dentist was not reachable. The doctor that I reached online convinced me to go on with the penicillin therapy. It was good so.
- The penicillin also killed the healthy bacteria in my bowl. To give something at the same time to restore them would be a holistic treatment. I consulted another doctor, because it was so bad, I couldn't get out the "stones" of my bowl anymore. The doctor gave me a prescription. Everything is fine again. Yet this is what I would have expected from the dentist. Teeth are not better or worse than a bowl. Doctors might have preferences re body parts. Yet if one wants to offer a holistic treatment one must care of the other organs, too.

Being that careless helped me to make a decision. He won't make this surgery.

The next dentist that I consulted went a step further. He also recommended that my partner should disinfect his mouth as the bacteria can be passed down to someone.

My tip: If you get penicillin, always ask which consequences this has on your body. My bowl wouldn't have restored on its own.

Also here in Germany the approach of Angelina Jolie possibility to get breast cancer is discussed.
My view:
Fear of anything is most of the time worse than what really will happen. The chance that Angelina Jolie would get and die from breast cancer was not 100%. It was higher and what I read the likelihood was 60% to 85% higher. There was a chance not to get breast cancer. Why not focus on the possibility to stay healthy. Why not checking the body more often than usual and stay optimistic?
Everywhere I read that one shall see that the glass of water is half full and not half empty. Where are all these optimistic preachers?
To get amputated her breasts prophylactical really makes me wonder what a relationship this woman has to her body? There is no substitute for the own body parts.

We're of course all influenced of the society in which we live. It seems to me that the step to make a beauty surgery is taken quickly in the US. It's perhaps also the power that doctors have in a society. Instead of getting more self-confidence about the body, people get a surgery. In societies where people are self-confident about themselves doctors wouldn't make money with the insecurities of people.
Angeline Jolie didn't do only a beauty surgery. Of course she also got implants.
The surgery that she had, had risks.  Also breast implants are a risk. I understand that she wanted to get breast implants. Yet if she wanted to minimize any risk of breast cancer it would be good advice not to get these implants.
For me it was not heroic what she did. It was an act out of fear. There was a possibility not to get breast cancer.
For me this act is not understandable. I also don't understand why she is promoting it in such an active way.

Also Angeline Jolie is not immortal, also not after this surgery. Her children who feared to lose her from breast cancer, will lose her one day.
We all will die, and we don't know how and when. Life cannot be controlled.
Possibilities are based on statistics.
Might she have a long life and not die from breast cancer.

Death is still a tabu.
Me too, I don't want to die.


Debb said...

WOW.. you have reflected my opinions totally on the Angelina situation.
Also, "Fear of anything is most of the time worse than what really will happen" very wise words, dear U..

Naren said...

Daily gum message with fingers is a must.

Anna said...

Ursula I totally agree with you. I do not think this action to remove both breasts was 'heroic' and sends a poor message out to women. The body must be reeling from such an invasion... and then to put it through MORE trauma just to get false breasts... well, I just cannot understand it. My understanding of cancer is that by the time a tumour is 'discoverable', cancer has already been living in the body for some time , somewhere else. So, what if cancer surfaces somewhere else - what was the point of losing both breasts? I agree about the US - far too focused on looks all the time. Even the teeth are invaded for better looks.

The body is a temple and it functions at its best with all of its parts intact for as long as possible. I loathe the reporting of this massive surgery as having been done and the recovery time with little fuss and problem. Almost no break in her work and family schedule. It's a disservice to women.

I am right with you on drugs as well. There are side effects always as the poor body tries to cope with a change to its equilibrium. We're fed so much crap these days about health. Let food be thy medicine! That's Hippocrates and my philosophy :-)

Anna said...

By the way, Ursula - you can use 'gum' or 'gums' rather than 'tooth flesh' which is not used.