Thursday, April 04, 2013

Our last day here

Our last day here. The sun is hiding.
We asked the woman at the reception desk when we have to leave the room. It's flexible. If we want to stay a bit longer it's no problem at all. This will allow me to do at least some sun salutations. This is also one aspect in France that I love. To be on time is not such a duty like in Germany.

It felt so good yesterday night to put my body in the asanas of primary. I've been very carefully and without ambition. I don't want to overstretch.

For the next trip it could be a good idea to change the plans for the practice. Instead of planning one series it could be good to plan to be 1 hour on the mat or 30 minutes. Sometimes goals need to be adjusted to the situation.

From today on we drive to the north again. Bye-bye France. It's been again wonderful here.

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