Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Like a cat

This morning I woke up and stretched myself like the cats do it when waking up. I wanted to check my limbs. The hamstrings are slightly overstretched. This is OK and I expected this. This is always so after a few days off from practice. The back is better. A practice seems to be possible. I'll take it easy.

If one wants to feel good till old age one has to take care of the body. The wrinkles, loss of hair or other changes are of minor importance. Health is important. And this means one has to move if one wants to stay fit.

I don't think that one has to love the yoga practice. It's more likely that one keeps doing it, if one loves it. Yet it's enough to do it. The insight that it's good might be enough motivation.
I love to move, I love the Ashtanga yoga practice.

It's so important to practice daily. This is the message of the day: Do it, daily.


Anna said...

I love the cat' s expression, like: What the hell's that?

Qiblogger said...

This is a very cute expression.:)