Saturday, April 13, 2013

In search of Epsom salt, I found a float spa

A few days back I searched for Epsom salt in the web. Epsom salt is a magnesian salt and Ashtanga yoginis prepare a bath with this salt. It shall relax the muscles. How I've learned it's much easier for the body to absorb the body via the skin than via pills. Condition: one must be in the bath longer than 12 min. Examinations have found out this.

So my back was not 100% OK and so I googled  this salt and where to buy it in Munich. I found a float spa. What an idea. I called and had an informative conversation with a voice that seemed also nice. I booked a session.

A few decades back these floating sessions were sold as "rebirthing". I remembered this when I saw the tank. I wanted to leave the spa when I saw the tank. I didn't. The owner of the spa explained everything and he also  understood my reluctance. I stayed and I didn't regret.

How it goes:
After everything was explained, the man left me alone.
I was relieved as the night before I thought I have to be naked in front of a man who will help me to close the tank. This was not an imagination that I liked. But I was explained how to close the tank on my own.
First I had to take a shower when I was alone.
Then I stepped into the tank. It was explained exactly how to do it. There were grips. I knew where the head should be, where the feet. I also knew how to close and open the tank. There was also an alarm that I could use. Important was also that there was a towel there in case that water would come on my face. No water should come to the eyes, this wold burn.
The water has a temperature of 35 degrees. This is the temperature the body has on the skin. Inside the body the temperature is higher. It's stress for the body to bath too hot, I know this.
The whole session would last 1 hour. The first 15 min music was played and there was a bit of light. After these 15 min the music stopped and it became dark. At the end, after 1 hour "Imagine" by John Lennon was played. I could listen to it, but this was the sign that it was over.

How is it to be in such a tank, in silence, in the dark, floating on water that carries the body?
It was relaxing. I thought it would scare me, it didn't. I could listen to my breath. Only a few times I opened my eyes, yet it was dark. It was interesting to experience the body so weightless. I enjoyed how the water carried me, without me doing anything. So it is in life, too, one must only trust and one is carried through life. It can be that easy, I thought.

The salt was like a lotion. It made the skin very smooth. When I got out of the thank I had to take care to dry the feet carefully so that I wouldn't slip. I showered again, just water. I have the feeling, that my skin is still much softer than before the floating session.

Oh yes, I felt like reborn afterwards. My body and mind were super relaxed in a new way.

It's not something for every month, but I can imagine to do it twice a year. Everybody should experience such a session once in his/her lifetime I read on the website. I agree.

Here is the link of the float spa.

And I got my Epsom salt, too.

Picture is taken in Switzerland.


Globie said...

I went with bloggers Susananda and Mel to Floatworks in London a couple of years ago. It takes a little time to relax when the lid closes and to trust the salt water will support your body. But it was very relaxing and the hour passed very quickly.

Ursula Preiss said...

So you know what I'm talking about. The hour passed away quickly, indeed. The effect of the floating lasted days. :)

Globie said...

I would like to go again, but I need to wait for all the stitches to come out and the wounds to heal, otherwise I think the salt water would sting, owww

Ursula Preiss said...

This is not a good idea to lay in this salty water with open wounds. I think you have to wait till everything is healed.