Monday, April 29, 2013

In the north of Germany

9am. Monday.

I'm up. The coffee is almost ready. It's "muggi fucki coffee" how we call it, because it's decafe. G just arrived  with fresh bread from the bakery. We'll have a typical German breakfast: coffee, bread, butter, jam.

The party on Saturday night was a success. About 40 people sat on a long table, ate and chatted and celebrated R., who is on earth for 60 years. Some men drank too much. Hahaha....At midnight we had the birthday cake, coffee, Champagne. The colleagues of R. chanted. At 3am R drove us to her home where we spent the night. The next day we spent with relatives, too. I was happy that I could take some pictures of birds and goats and hens. And at night we were in the train again.

My yoga mat is with me. Monday means second series. Yesterday was no opportunity to practice. Today is.
A missed practice is a missed practice. Yet another opportunity to step on the mat and to practice is every day. After the last 2 days that we all spent sitting and eating, moving my body is a need.

The moto: Breathe, the rest is just bending.

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