Thursday, April 25, 2013

I slept well

I slept well. It was a relaxing sleep. I feel well-rested, yet the upcoming teeth surgeries are in my mind. I cannot imagine the pain, yet I fear it. To lose body parts is also psychologically difficult to digest. I refuse to get artificial nails, and soon I'll have even more foreign bodies in my mouth.

Huge wounds will be in my mouth for a while. The dentist compared the surgery with a fracture of a leg. It lasts 6 through 8 weeks till the wounds will be healed. So it will be with my wounds in my mouth. Only very soft yoga will be possible. It's OK.

What went wrong I ask myself:
- Mouth hygiene is the A and O to keep the teeth healthy. This was neglected in the past, decades ago. In the last decade I cleaned my teeth after having had dinner. I flossed them, I used a mouth shower. Yet I must say I learned how to clean my teeth profoundly about 2 years ago when I went to a special cleaning. It's worth to write a post about it. When I was young electrical tooth brushes didn't exist, neither floss. Times have changed for the better here.
- There is the genetic part. Teeth are my weakness.
- I think it was a good decision not to give in to the dentists suggestions in the past. They all wanted to make crowns above my teeth. They earn a lot with this treatment. Yet this was a wrong diagnosis of my issues: my tooth flesh blooded for long long times. The dentists for ordinary people like me have limited knowledge and limited possibilities to heal certain illnesses like periodontists. Not every dentist can make implants, even though this is the last step. Cleaning below the tooth flesh would have been the best therapy for me.
I'm now at a doctor for the private patients. My health insurance won't pay for this repair. During the next meeting the assistant will explain me in great detail what I'll have to pay on my own. I googled already what it might cost and I fell off my chair. It's double as much as I thought. To travel to Romania or Hungary is not an alternative for me. Some people do it.

Every surgery will  last about 4 hours. It's an eternity. I'll make a breathing session out of it. Haha.....

It is as it is now. Some things went well, others not.
My greatest fear is probably that my ability to speak will be affected.
Thinking of the surgery itself is also not pure fun.
I'm conscious that there are worse things in life. Enough self-pity is expressed.

I'm ready for a practice: primary with some extras, because it's Thursday.


Anna said...

Wouldn't we all love to go back in time and do things differently... As you say, as we were growing up there were no electric toothbrushes, no floss, no real understanding of sugar's effect on the teeth, no concern about 'wonky' teeth - just fillings, fillings, fillings!

Yes, there are worse things in the world but acknowledging that is not helpful at times like this, I find. A bit of self-pity is entirely acceptable!

Thinking of you.

Ursula Preiss said...

Thank you, Anna.


Health issues are obviously part of every life.

Next year at the same time it will be over. Hahaha....

lv said...
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lv said...
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lv said...

Dear Ursula,

I have undergone a very similar experience and I always say how very lucky I am because I am not very fond of buying and possessing jewels - it's all spent on my teeth treatment!

It may not save your teeth, but it will help anyway if you are open enough to try and if I thought you hadn't been open I wouldn't have written to you :)

Have you already tried with UT?

"I have tried this therapy on worst type of tooth pain, and all sorts of tooth and gum troubles, like gingivitis, pyorrhea and gumboil. It has never failed in a single instance. Severest tooth pain disappears in minutes.

Once during my lecture, one gentleman rose from the audience and asked me "Mr. Thakkar, you are talking so highly about urine treatment for all tooth problems, but my experience is otherwise with it. I am washing my mouth with urine since two years, still I have lost my two teeth and the third one is loose and is on the verge of going." I asked him, "How long you you rinse your mouth with urine?" His reply was "for a minute or two". The defect in the treatment was detected instantly. One has to fill his or her mouth with fresh urine for ten minutes so that

it can be absorbed by the gums and would reach the roots of the teeth. He informed me after few days that his teeth had become all right with my technique within a week. During last ten years thousands of people have vouched the efficacy of U.T. on teeth and gum problems of various types."

Wishing you a very good luck and
take care!

Thank you for sharing you and your life in the style of an Aware Unique Inner Self Being :) Very nice