Monday, April 01, 2013

I moaned, it felt so good.

Was that good, when I finally layed on my block in the warm hotel room after so many days in the car. I stretched my body backwards. It was as if finally fresh blood ran through my muscles. My inner body got a massage. It was heaven on earth.

I moaned, so much pleassure I felt.

Then I started and all was so good. Second series is possible, I thought. I rather have lost weight, so pashasana should have been possible I thought. Left side was good. Then I did the right side and then a sudden pain. Damned. I pulled something on my left lower back. I moved on, restorative yoga. No vinyasas were possible anymore. After an hour I finished my practice. Damned.

We are sitting here in the dark in the reception hall. We returned from a very nice dinner. It's so amazing, even in the little villages where cats and dogs say good-night to each other, one can find excellent restaurants.

Today we were hardcore tourists. It was cold, it was rainy, yet we visited Les Beaux de Provence. We were not the only ones. I'm so sure when the sun is shining this location is even more beautiful.

Tomorrow we move to another place. Let's see where it will be.......

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