Thursday, April 18, 2013

Home practice and Mysore classes are the heart of my practice

A level 2 Ashtanga teacher is coming close to Munich. The flyer is beautiful. One of our yoginis organised this event. She is so enthusiastic about the yogi. She knows him from Brazil. Her enthusiasm was contagious.

At home I reflected again: What can I learn that is worth almost 500,-- Euro. I'm sure I can get some valuable hints. I will love the atmosphere. I will love to meet the yoginis.

My home practice and my regular Mysore classes are the heart of my Ashtanga yoga practice.
In addition I'm learning a lot via my pictures.
It helps me also to see the YouTube videos of advanced yoginis. It's for free.

I decided: I also won't go to that workshop.
Ashtanga yoga  has a most important place in my life. From time to time I tame it. I focus on what I think is most effective. As written, this is my home practice and the Mysore classes offered by a teacher who knows on which asanas I'm working. Enough.

My morning practice had highlights and disappointments.I did primary and blended third series asanas. The vinyasas were lousy. Purna matsyendrasana was too good. I could reach my foot with my hand. I couldn't believe it and regretted that I hadn't positioned my camera. Hahaha.....

Tomorrow Mysore class.

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Anna said...

Agree with you on the decision not go to the class - 500 euro?? It's really too much - yoga is so corporate capitalist now it's laughable.