Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Energy level today

I had enough energy for the second series in the Mysore class. Yet this was enough. To think only to take my leg again behind my head made me feel awful. No third series asanas were done. I stopped after the 7 headstands, did urdhva dhanurasana and the closing sequence and was happy about the done work.

So many new yoginis and yogis joined us today. It's wonderful. I love to see the community growing.

Plan for today at home: Primary with some additional asanas.

And the weather? :) :) :)

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Fabrizio Neves said...

well, its nice to see that you at this age also are doing yoga.your picture is really cool.urdhva dhanurasana is an good yogasan.i also do dhanurasan everyday in the early morning.its keeps us fresh all the day.and its cool to you new members are joining.