Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Celebrating in the north of Germany

Birthday kisses in the morning.
The sun is shining.
Time for Ashtanga yoga.
Having friends in so many corners of this globe.
I feel lively.
I'm so in peace with life.

Tonight we'll have a birthday dinner: G, E and myself. :) This is already traditon. :)


Debb said...

Hope you feel the bliss of a wonderful birthday, our wonderful U! I'm loving the turquoise bird photos. Saturday I give presentation to a group of 50 women on the 'healing tool of color". I researched the color turquoise so I loved seeing your turquoise birds! Turquoise is a color that creates calm and gentle invigoration. It was my Daddy's favorite color, he even painted our house turquoise and it stayed that color for 45 years. I am infusing my thoughts and meditations with turquoise these days:)

Ursula Preiss said...

Thank you so much, Debb.

Wow, this is so interesting.
I do love turquoise very much. The birds belong to a cousin of E. I could have been in that cage all day long. Hahaha.......
I'm sure that colors have an influence on our mood and well-being. It makes a difference if I'm dressed in black or red. The energy is totally different.

Anna said...

Happy, happy, happy birthdays to you all this year!
I'm working on being at peace with life - as it is. I'm making progress albeit at a snail's pace... haha.
Have a lovely week, Ms Preiss.

Ursula Preiss said...

Thank you very much, Anna.

One can also be in peace with not being in peace. What energy. Wink, wink.

It will still take some time till I'm used to my new name. Hahaha.....