Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ashtanga yoga is for relaxation

Ashtanga yoga is for relaxation, yoga in general, but how?

1. Through the asanas practice  one gets exhausted in a positive way. This relaxes the body.

2. After the asana practice we lay down on the floor in savasana. The pose itself allows free circulation of the blood. No effort is necessary to be in that pose. When I'm in savasana I scan my body: m toes relax, my heels relax, my feet relax. The more detailed I scan my body, the more relaxed I'm at the end. When I'm through I observe my breath. I never fall asleep.

3. During the practice the eyes have a gazing point. One knows that there is REM (rapid eye movement) when the mind is thinking. When gazing at a point the mind calms down, thinking disappears.

4. The breath is the key to our feelings ans thoughts. Keeping the breath evenly and deeply, makes us feel at ease.

In the long run it's possible to breathe deeply and evenly also off the mat. Our attitude becomes laid-back.

Just through the asana practice if done correctly, the life can get better, because one can face the "issues" in life with effortlessly. Breath after breath.

I wish you all a relaxed Sunday.

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