Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Celebrating in the north of Germany

Birthday kisses in the morning.
The sun is shining.
Time for Ashtanga yoga.
Having friends in so many corners of this globe.
I feel lively.
I'm so in peace with life.

Tonight we'll have a birthday dinner: G, E and myself. :) This is already traditon. :)

Monday, April 29, 2013

In the north of Germany

9am. Monday.

I'm up. The coffee is almost ready. It's "muggi fucki coffee" how we call it, because it's decafe. G just arrived  with fresh bread from the bakery. We'll have a typical German breakfast: coffee, bread, butter, jam.

The party on Saturday night was a success. About 40 people sat on a long table, ate and chatted and celebrated R., who is on earth for 60 years. Some men drank too much. Hahaha....At midnight we had the birthday cake, coffee, Champagne. The colleagues of R. chanted. At 3am R drove us to her home where we spent the night. The next day we spent with relatives, too. I was happy that I could take some pictures of birds and goats and hens. And at night we were in the train again.

My yoga mat is with me. Monday means second series. Yesterday was no opportunity to practice. Today is.
A missed practice is a missed practice. Yet another opportunity to step on the mat and to practice is every day. After the last 2 days that we all spent sitting and eating, moving my body is a need.

The moto: Breathe, the rest is just bending.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

On the road again...

We're invited. R celebrates her 60th birthday and we come. We'll take the train to the north of Germany. For 5 days I've packed my small suitcase only. My kindle helps me to make the suitcase lighter. Only 2 books travel with me: my journal and a French grammar.

Time to get offline. Till then.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Primary on Friday

Yes, it was good. I'm able to do all asanas of primary. I can take care of the rhythm now. It was very good to practice. As always.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

I slept well

I slept well. It was a relaxing sleep. I feel well-rested, yet the upcoming teeth surgeries are in my mind. I cannot imagine the pain, yet I fear it. To lose body parts is also psychologically difficult to digest. I refuse to get artificial nails, and soon I'll have even more foreign bodies in my mouth.

Huge wounds will be in my mouth for a while. The dentist compared the surgery with a fracture of a leg. It lasts 6 through 8 weeks till the wounds will be healed. So it will be with my wounds in my mouth. Only very soft yoga will be possible. It's OK.

What went wrong I ask myself:
- Mouth hygiene is the A and O to keep the teeth healthy. This was neglected in the past, decades ago. In the last decade I cleaned my teeth after having had dinner. I flossed them, I used a mouth shower. Yet I must say I learned how to clean my teeth profoundly about 2 years ago when I went to a special cleaning. It's worth to write a post about it. When I was young electrical tooth brushes didn't exist, neither floss. Times have changed for the better here.
- There is the genetic part. Teeth are my weakness.
- I think it was a good decision not to give in to the dentists suggestions in the past. They all wanted to make crowns above my teeth. They earn a lot with this treatment. Yet this was a wrong diagnosis of my issues: my tooth flesh blooded for long long times. The dentists for ordinary people like me have limited knowledge and limited possibilities to heal certain illnesses like periodontists. Not every dentist can make implants, even though this is the last step. Cleaning below the tooth flesh would have been the best therapy for me.
I'm now at a doctor for the private patients. My health insurance won't pay for this repair. During the next meeting the assistant will explain me in great detail what I'll have to pay on my own. I googled already what it might cost and I fell off my chair. It's double as much as I thought. To travel to Romania or Hungary is not an alternative for me. Some people do it.

Every surgery will  last about 4 hours. It's an eternity. I'll make a breathing session out of it. Haha.....

It is as it is now. Some things went well, others not.
My greatest fear is probably that my ability to speak will be affected.
Thinking of the surgery itself is also not pure fun.
I'm conscious that there are worse things in life. Enough self-pity is expressed.

I'm ready for a practice: primary with some extras, because it's Thursday.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

He wants to pull me 10 teeth

Yesterday I got the diagnosis. The dentist showed me the 3D X-Ray pictures. I try to make it short. Over the decades bacteria have eaten up the bone above and below my back teeth. The teeth are held only by flesh these days. I've periodontosis in the final state. There is still a bit bone and this is my luck. This allows to rebuild the bone and this allows to set in implants.  These implants I can have till the end of my life, also when I shall become 109 years old.

If I won't do anything in the next years the teeth will fall out. There is nothing stable that can hold them. By then the bone is probably gone and it's no more possible to set in implants:
- Then I can remain toothless.
- Or I can get a set of teeth to take out. This I want to avoid!
- Another possibility then is to  take bone from the hips. The disadvantage: In 30% those people get walking issues later.

The young doctor from the last time had mentioned already that one must probably pull a teeth. So yesterday I went to the dentist with the conviction: they won't pull me a single tooth. Yet the facts convinced me. It's not avoidable. Also teeth can be ill, also if this doesn't come with pain.

It was a shock. 10 teeth!!!! Adrenalin shot in my blood. I became euphoric. I walked home, full of energy. I was even enthusiastic. I drank wine at home, yet this didn't bring me down.

The next year means pain for me, psychologically and physically. The treatment will last one year. I shall be happy afterwards. I hope this is true.
No I don't want a general anesthesia during the treatment, only a local one. I want to realize what's happening with me. My ability to focus and to concentrate and to relax shall help me through the show.

Yes, I do have angst. I know that my fears have still no experience as basis, they are thoughts. I don't know yet how it feels to get pulled 5 teeth, I'm naif. The time before the second treatment will be the nightmare. Then I'll know what expects me. One session will last about 4 hours. The dentist: "We work fast."

The woman at the reception tried to calm me. She told me success stories and how happy clients are who have done this treatment. Yet I was so euphoric due to the adrenalin, I was like on drugs.

E's answer after having informed him about the result of the diagnosis: "Oh God."

Yesterday FC Bayern and FC Barcelona played. It was not broadcasted on free TV. So I went out to a sports club. There I sat among young men. If 3% of the fans were women, this would be an optimistic estimate. I chanted with the crowd. My still water was tap water. I sweated like in a sauna. And I forgot my teeth problem. The Bavarians scored 4 times. What a success. I was distracted from my teeth issue. Mission accomplished.

I cannot remember anymore that I've switched off the alarm clock. I missed to go to a Mysore class. I'm thinking: Is this really the best I can do for me teeth, for my mouth health? I know it is. I also know that I've found the best dentist for this. These treatments are his strength, his focus. He's an expert here.

The sun is out. I consider to go out for a breakfast. I know a cafe that has a huge roof terrace. There I can imagine myself right now.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The vinyasa of urdhva mukha paschimottanasana

From picture 1, one moves to picture 2 with an inhaling. From picture 2 to picture 3 one moves with an exhaling.

The goal is it to keep the legs straight. This is not so easy. I found out that one needs a lot of swing to come up. The toes do the work and the breath. One must balance a bit, yet it's doable. The position of the head and the feet can help, too. I stretch the feet upwards and I look upwards. Bandhas are engaged.

To have it easier one can try it first on a blanket.

There are more vinyasa in primary than jumping forward and backwards.

My insight: when I need so much force to come up here, I need much more force to stand up from urdhva dhanurasana.

Ashtanga yoga is for relaxation

Ashtanga yoga is for relaxation, yoga in general, but how?

1. Through the asanas practice  one gets exhausted in a positive way. This relaxes the body.

2. After the asana practice we lay down on the floor in savasana. The pose itself allows free circulation of the blood. No effort is necessary to be in that pose. When I'm in savasana I scan my body: m toes relax, my heels relax, my feet relax. The more detailed I scan my body, the more relaxed I'm at the end. When I'm through I observe my breath. I never fall asleep.

3. During the practice the eyes have a gazing point. One knows that there is REM (rapid eye movement) when the mind is thinking. When gazing at a point the mind calms down, thinking disappears.

4. The breath is the key to our feelings ans thoughts. Keeping the breath evenly and deeply, makes us feel at ease.

In the long run it's possible to breathe deeply and evenly also off the mat. Our attitude becomes laid-back.

Just through the asana practice if done correctly, the life can get better, because one can face the "issues" in life with effortlessly. Breath after breath.

I wish you all a relaxed Sunday.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

My list of books for spiritual seekers

1. Ramesh Balsekar  Who cares.
2. David Carse Perfect brilliant stillness
3. Satyam Nadeen From onions to pearls

After having read these 3 books, I recommend asana practice: because it's good for the body and the mind.

Home practice and Mysore classes are the heart of my practice

A level 2 Ashtanga teacher is coming close to Munich. The flyer is beautiful. One of our yoginis organised this event. She is so enthusiastic about the yogi. She knows him from Brazil. Her enthusiasm was contagious.

At home I reflected again: What can I learn that is worth almost 500,-- Euro. I'm sure I can get some valuable hints. I will love the atmosphere. I will love to meet the yoginis.

My home practice and my regular Mysore classes are the heart of my Ashtanga yoga practice.
In addition I'm learning a lot via my pictures.
It helps me also to see the YouTube videos of advanced yoginis. It's for free.

I decided: I also won't go to that workshop.
Ashtanga yoga  has a most important place in my life. From time to time I tame it. I focus on what I think is most effective. As written, this is my home practice and the Mysore classes offered by a teacher who knows on which asanas I'm working. Enough.

My morning practice had highlights and disappointments.I did primary and blended third series asanas. The vinyasas were lousy. Purna matsyendrasana was too good. I could reach my foot with my hand. I couldn't believe it and regretted that I hadn't positioned my camera. Hahaha.....

Tomorrow Mysore class.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Energy level today

I had enough energy for the second series in the Mysore class. Yet this was enough. To think only to take my leg again behind my head made me feel awful. No third series asanas were done. I stopped after the 7 headstands, did urdhva dhanurasana and the closing sequence and was happy about the done work.

So many new yoginis and yogis joined us today. It's wonderful. I love to see the community growing.

Plan for today at home: Primary with some additional asanas.

And the weather? :) :) :)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A home practice, totally alone

Yesterday I flipped through the pictures on facebook about the workshop Ashtanga yoga primary led class with Sharath and Saraswathi. I admit I would have loved it to pracitce with the 300+ yoginis and yogis who were there. This is surely an experience such a mass event.

My home practice was surely a bit easier this morning. Yet my body was in best form. Back bending felt even good. That way it's fun to practice.

It's so funny how we yoginis work on our flexibility and strength.

Early to bed, early up. Mysore class tomorrow. I hope I'll have the energy to practice the third series asanas, too.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Good morning

Yepeeee, it's Monday and I'm up. I even woke up before the alarm clock could bother me. I'm ready for a Mysore class. My practice yesterday was excellent. This was my preparation for the more intensive practice today. A group always pushes me.

I'll take it easy. Important is the flow, the deep breathing.

My practice shall be done before noon. Then I have time for my other projects. To be on the mat by 10 am is more than human. Today it will be 9am.

The sun is out, it has 4° Celsius. This means I'll wear a pair of trousers, no skirt. Time for skirts will come soon.

And today I've a photo shooting. :) Oh.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

A spring day

A spring day.

I was out. Strolling around. Finally I arrived at a cemetery. It was overcrowded. Some dated there. Others walked the dog. A man was sleeping next to a gravestone. All the benches were occupied. I found my picture of the day (see above).

It was lovely to be out. I wore a skirt and a jacket only.

In the morning I had practiced second series. I added some asanas, others I omitted. It was a balanced practice. It felt so good. So good that I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Then I can practice again.....

Saturday, April 13, 2013

In search of Epsom salt, I found a float spa

A few days back I searched for Epsom salt in the web. Epsom salt is a magnesian salt and Ashtanga yoginis prepare a bath with this salt. It shall relax the muscles. How I've learned it's much easier for the body to absorb the body via the skin than via pills. Condition: one must be in the bath longer than 12 min. Examinations have found out this.

So my back was not 100% OK and so I googled  this salt and where to buy it in Munich. I found a float spa. What an idea. I called and had an informative conversation with a voice that seemed also nice. I booked a session.

A few decades back these floating sessions were sold as "rebirthing". I remembered this when I saw the tank. I wanted to leave the spa when I saw the tank. I didn't. The owner of the spa explained everything and he also  understood my reluctance. I stayed and I didn't regret.

How it goes:
After everything was explained, the man left me alone.
I was relieved as the night before I thought I have to be naked in front of a man who will help me to close the tank. This was not an imagination that I liked. But I was explained how to close the tank on my own.
First I had to take a shower when I was alone.
Then I stepped into the tank. It was explained exactly how to do it. There were grips. I knew where the head should be, where the feet. I also knew how to close and open the tank. There was also an alarm that I could use. Important was also that there was a towel there in case that water would come on my face. No water should come to the eyes, this wold burn.
The water has a temperature of 35 degrees. This is the temperature the body has on the skin. Inside the body the temperature is higher. It's stress for the body to bath too hot, I know this.
The whole session would last 1 hour. The first 15 min music was played and there was a bit of light. After these 15 min the music stopped and it became dark. At the end, after 1 hour "Imagine" by John Lennon was played. I could listen to it, but this was the sign that it was over.

How is it to be in such a tank, in silence, in the dark, floating on water that carries the body?
It was relaxing. I thought it would scare me, it didn't. I could listen to my breath. Only a few times I opened my eyes, yet it was dark. It was interesting to experience the body so weightless. I enjoyed how the water carried me, without me doing anything. So it is in life, too, one must only trust and one is carried through life. It can be that easy, I thought.

The salt was like a lotion. It made the skin very smooth. When I got out of the thank I had to take care to dry the feet carefully so that I wouldn't slip. I showered again, just water. I have the feeling, that my skin is still much softer than before the floating session.

Oh yes, I felt like reborn afterwards. My body and mind were super relaxed in a new way.

It's not something for every month, but I can imagine to do it twice a year. Everybody should experience such a session once in his/her lifetime I read on the website. I agree.

Here is the link of the float spa.

And I got my Epsom salt, too.

Picture is taken in Switzerland.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Tips from my readers: how to get going

Many of us have a lot of knowledge what is good for us. For instance we know that it's good to practice Ashtanga yoga (or anything else) on a daily basis. To get from thinking to doing we have found different methods.
My readers were so kind to share there tips and tricks in the comment section of my last post. Here they are:

Tracey wrote:
My current "trick" is that I have decided to commit to yoga everyday and I do this because I want to be healthy and strong both physically and mentally. So I keep that in mind throughout the day and it makes me feel good about doing yoga rather than dread the exercise. Although it has taken quite awhile to go from knowing yoga is good and that I need to do it to somehow being more engaged with yoga and knowing in my body how I would like to feel at the end of the day.

I have also decided that it may help me to be more engaged in my practice if I regularly read a bit about yoga from a book or a blog, just to keep in touch with other peoples thoughts and practice. This way practicing yoga is at the forefront of my mind and I give myself the opportunity to be inspired by others.

Finally, I have decided that I just have to do anything; a class or a DVD, whichever inspires me or seems easiest at the time if that's what it takes. Importantly, it doesn't have to be the more difficult DVD or a long one it can be anything, just so long as I do something. It's helping so far!

Cat wrote: 
My trick is a combination of established habit, and remembering how I feel if I haven't practiced as much as I'd like in any given week. I try to really relish in the moments where I feel like I've made progress while in a challenging asana, or just after savasana when I realize that my mind is free and clear!

And, if I'm being honest, your blog also inspires me to practice :) Thanks!

Anna wrote:
It helps me to NOT think about but go like a robot from my bed into my exercise clothes and off to exercise without "discussing it" with myself. Once I discuss it, I find ways to not do it. Even though I KNOW I feel so much better afterwards... Peculiar human mind!

Debb wrote:
This may be a bit of a negative motivation, but when I don't really want to get on my mat I think about the very unflexible people I know past the age of 60, and I KNOW I do not want to become like that. I have some great teachers in my life - teaching me how NOT to be (haha).. I then send them some san kalpha energy (dedication) at the beginning of my practice. Always be grateful for the teacher...
In gratitude to you, dear U...

Denise wrote:
I love all the comments, as I love Ursula's post. Many times my mind make me little tricks to escape the practice. Well, I go for my mat not hearing it! I use to beging the practiçe with some fluid and soft movements of my neck, sholders and knees, then I start. I practice alone, so for me all contact with yoga blogs are so important. I learn a lot from them. Ah! I finish my practice thanking all the greats yoga masters that lived beforme me, and deeply thank them for this beautiful filosofy that I have the honor to live. Thank you all!

Thank you all for sharing this knowledge. I'm so amazed how experienced we all are.
This is what I love re Ashtanga yoga. One is part of a very supporting group. Namaste.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My 2 little tricks

1.The first trick: It brings me on the mat when I think that I only lay on my block backwards for a while. In the beginning this is not so pleasant. Soon it is. I relax. To stretch the body backwards in a passive way wakes me up. I focus on the breath. It comes the moment where the position is relaxing and when I get bored.
Then I stand up and bow forward. Slowly. Then I'm ready.

Mentally I've separated the series in 7 parts:
1. Surya A,
2. surya B,
3. standing sequence,
4.  first half of the middle part,
5. second part of the middle part,
6. closing sequence,
7. savasana

My goal is to do one part after the other. When one part is completed I think I could stop already, but of course I go on. I realize that my concentration has improved. I don't take breaks anymore after the suryas or after the standing sequence. I want to move on. Perhaps also because it got all a bit easier.

2. The second trick is that I have the book by Sweeney on my sofa. Of course I know the series by heart. To see the pictures motivates me to go on when I get weak (mentally or physically). It looks all so easy when  Matthew Sweeney performs the asanas.

When I practice alone I add asanas I want to work on after the standing sequence and the middle part. I think that a few asanas of the first series need attention as they prepare third series asanas:
The asanas that I repeat:
1. upavistha konasana A
2. supta parsvasahita
3. coming up with straight legs to urdhva mukha paschimottanasana (a vinyasa) It's possible to do it, but the skill is still volatile.
4. the splits (forward and sidewards)

I wanted to practice at home today. The group is so stimulating and I wanted to take it easy due to my back. It feels better but I know I have to take care today.

What's your trick to get on the mat?

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Like a cat

This morning I woke up and stretched myself like the cats do it when waking up. I wanted to check my limbs. The hamstrings are slightly overstretched. This is OK and I expected this. This is always so after a few days off from practice. The back is better. A practice seems to be possible. I'll take it easy.

If one wants to feel good till old age one has to take care of the body. The wrinkles, loss of hair or other changes are of minor importance. Health is important. And this means one has to move if one wants to stay fit.

I don't think that one has to love the yoga practice. It's more likely that one keeps doing it, if one loves it. Yet it's enough to do it. The insight that it's good might be enough motivation.
I love to move, I love the Ashtanga yoga practice.

It's so important to practice daily. This is the message of the day: Do it, daily.

Monday, April 08, 2013

Only 60 % was possible

I curse. I pulled my left side of my lower back again. This time it happened not when practicing pashasana, but utthita parsvottanasana.I moved my body very slowly in the position, bandhas engaged. I write I pulled something, but if feels more as if a tendom or a muscle got out of alignement.

Movement is a universal remedy. I kept on practicing, very slowly, with 0 ambition. I think this was the best what I could do. I hoped that everything would get in alignement again. Some asanas like leg behind head poses were not possible. I did preparation asanas.

The pose utthita parsvottanasana is not a difficult pose for me. I even was very carefully. It should happen.

This morning I overslept. No hurry, I thought and didn't even attempt to be on time to the Mysore class. A home practice was planned. I was not so pleased that I got up so late, yet it's not a tragedy, it's luxury that I can afford these times. I dawdled in front of the PC, now where I had time and I found a picture of Bob Dylon with a text, probably a quote by him: A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do. "Wants" is emphasized. I was not yet on my mat when I realized what nonsense I had published. (Deleted already. I'll surely find a picture of him without  text.)
Nobody does what he/she wants to do. We do what we have to do re our fate, our genes, conditioning and what happens around us. There is no choice.

All is a happening. It was not my choice to pull my lower back. What a painful reminder, a pointer to what it means to be liberated. We are not the doer.
Ramesh Balsekar in "Who cares", page 158: The supposed doership of the "me" is nothing but an illusion. Normal daily activities, continued without a sense of doership, are the best possible preparation for sudden enlightenment to happen."

I bathed to relax my muscles after my practice of 90 min. It felt good. I smiled when I soaped my body with lavander shower gel. I got reminded on a sweet moment during our trip to France. On our way home we stopped at a parking space. We opened the trunk and searched in the plastic bags for our lavander parfums. Then we scented us. And laughed. We're so into lavander. Hahaha.....

To bath felt good. Cheerfulness was still felt when I put lotion on my luxury body afterwards. Ah, with lavander scent. :)

Yoga is so much more than asanas. Pranayama and medition is on my list. This could be an idea for tonight as I'm alone at home.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

At home again

Today I don't have to leave the house anymore. I got bread from the bakery this morning. Yet this was it. It's still cold here, as expected. And grey.

Yesterday we sprayed lavander around, this created the illusion of being still in France. It was fun to return from the Croatian bar yesterday night and to have the fragrance everywhere. We laughed.

We're back and this means for me back to an ascetic life style, because it's good for me and because I like it.
Back to water as beverage.
Back to a daily asana practice.
Back to work in 25 min units.
Back to housework, writing and taking pictures.
Back to preparing my own meals. The French chefs inspired me a lot.
Back to daily life as it is, one breath after the other.

The suitcase is not yet unpacked. This is the next step....

Saturday, April 06, 2013

On the road again...

Switzerland is international.

The Lago Maggiore is situated in the small Italian part of Switzerland. It's a lovely place on that earth.

In less than one hour we'll be on the road again for estimated 5 hours.
I'm looking forward to my bed and my healthy breakfast made of soy yogurt, an apple and some nuts.

Friday, April 05, 2013

Last impressions from Switzerland

This is the Lago Maggiore. 

We drove an hour to get there. 

We had a late lunch there. 

It was excellent. 

And enough for the rest of the day. 

The series: beds in which I spent a night or two

We're in Swiss already. Lago di Lugano is round the corner. Lago di Como and Logo di Maggiore are not far away. It's raining, we don't care. One more night we spend in the hotel room in Lugano.

Yesterday we bought lavender: soap, candles, lotion, room spray. That's the way to pack a bit of France in the suitcase.

The little restaurants: We'll miss them.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Movement - a universal remedy

It was a start. I could practice, but I still felt my back. Being cautious had priority. Even the standing sequence was not easy. I practiced the asanas of primary without vinyasas. And I omitted the leg behind head pose, supta kurmasana. I played it safe. Even a modest practice makes me feel good, mentally and physically.

The decision is made now: We'll drive back via Tessin, Switzerland.
Time to pack.

PS: As a passionate photographer I don't like fake smiles.

Our last day here

Our last day here. The sun is hiding.
We asked the woman at the reception desk when we have to leave the room. It's flexible. If we want to stay a bit longer it's no problem at all. This will allow me to do at least some sun salutations. This is also one aspect in France that I love. To be on time is not such a duty like in Germany.

It felt so good yesterday night to put my body in the asanas of primary. I've been very carefully and without ambition. I don't want to overstretch.

For the next trip it could be a good idea to change the plans for the practice. Instead of planning one series it could be good to plan to be 1 hour on the mat or 30 minutes. Sometimes goals need to be adjusted to the situation.

From today on we drive to the north again. Bye-bye France. It's been again wonderful here.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

No vacation without an asana.....

To exercise a balancing pose next to a swimming pool is a good idea to test the balance. I say it straight forward: I didn't fall in the cold water......hahaha.......(it was perhaps not the most challenging balancing pose ever). 

A last night here...

This hotel here is simply wonderful.

The Golden hour has come. Time to take some more pictures.......

The restaurants......

Not one salad was like the other one. The French chefs are playful. It's always a surprise what I get. One is creative when I ask for something veg. The guests shall be pleased about what they get.

Our dinners last hours. So do the lunch. We try to have either or.......Always the waiter opens the bottle of wine at the table and one can try the wine first. It's considered as appreciation if one has questions re the food.
I am astonished how much money French people spend on food, yet they obviously do.

Today the sun is shining. It's fresh.
Time to stroll around..........

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The colors of the south of France...

The variety is it. 
Sunshine alters with rain. 

Also this time we had to search this little hotel in a little village in France. 
Yep we arrived. 
Joy was felt when I saw it.
It's like coming home here. 

Les Beaux de Provence

This was wild yesterday. The wind blew, it was raining. We climbed on every rock and listened to the tape. We were not the only ones. In summer "Les Beaux de Provence" will be overcrowded, this is sure.

The next hotel room is booked. We've been there already and we like it.

The owner of this hotel here speaks French with me, very slowly. That way it's very easy to understand him.

My back is slightly better, but not good. I bow forward from time to time and curse.....hahahaha......

Time to pack..........

Monday, April 01, 2013

I moaned, it felt so good.

Was that good, when I finally layed on my block in the warm hotel room after so many days in the car. I stretched my body backwards. It was as if finally fresh blood ran through my muscles. My inner body got a massage. It was heaven on earth.

I moaned, so much pleassure I felt.

Then I started and all was so good. Second series is possible, I thought. I rather have lost weight, so pashasana should have been possible I thought. Left side was good. Then I did the right side and then a sudden pain. Damned. I pulled something on my left lower back. I moved on, restorative yoga. No vinyasas were possible anymore. After an hour I finished my practice. Damned.

We are sitting here in the dark in the reception hall. We returned from a very nice dinner. It's so amazing, even in the little villages where cats and dogs say good-night to each other, one can find excellent restaurants.

Today we were hardcore tourists. It was cold, it was rainy, yet we visited Les Beaux de Provence. We were not the only ones. I'm so sure when the sun is shining this location is even more beautiful.

Tomorrow we move to another place. Let's see where it will be.......

À l'Orange

We stay at a little hotel en Provence. 
It's already 10:30 and we are having breakfast. Next to us are other couples who have breakfast, too. Croissants are offered and coffee, orange juice, baguette and jam.

Yesterday we drove to l'Orange, a village with a huge theatre. Not so many tourists are here at that time of the year. The sun was shining, yet there was a cold wind. We walked around and visited the tourist attractions.

We have breakfast and then lunch, no dinner. This is more than enough. The French chefs are so creative when I say that I'm vegetarian. What can be seen on the picture below was my main course yesterday. I had a salad first and a mousse au chocolat at the end. This is enough for the day. I didn't eat everything. I couldn't. Let me describe what's in the bowls: Ratatouille in one, potatoes and asparagus in another one and green beans and mushrooms in the last one. Every meal tasted totally different. We sip half a bottle of red wine together. At the end we drink an espresso. Our lunch usually lasts hours. :) French life style, I call it.