Thursday, March 07, 2013

Why the asanas have to be challenging.

When practicing Ashtanga yoga we learn crazy asanas, yet we shall also learn to do them in a relaxed way. What ever pose we do we shall breathe evenly. The eyes shall gaze at a point and not move around or be closed. These are techniques to calm the mind.

It's challenging when there is pressure on the chest when the body is back bending. The first reaction often is to hold the breath. Another reaction is to breathe loudly and uneven. The job is to go with the body as far as possible yet to stay relaxed.

In a lying position it's easy to stay cool.

When practicing long enough to put the body in a stressful position and to stay calm this can become a mental habit.

When life gets tough one can use the same habits like on the mat: deep even breathing, calm eyes, being optimistic.

If we practice as it is supposed to be, we can learn an approach to life that is relaxing.

Finally Ashtanga yoga is an exercise for the mind as it is for the body. Becoming conscious of it is a huge step forward.

I just came home from grocery shopping. A driver of a car drove so aggressively. I went over the street and the light showed green. I thought he'd kill me. He came around the corner with high speed. A woman turned around and asked me if the car has hit me, it was so close.
Inhaling, pause, exhaling. I'm glad that I can write this blog post.


Astoria Keller said...

Your blog is one of my favorites. I'm glad you were able to write this post as well!!

Kitharo said...

Good thing you were unharmed! It's so sad that these situations are too hectic to remember the care or the plate... drivers like that need punishment!

But the important thing is: you're fine!

Have a nice weekend! - Julian

Anna said...

There are some real maniacs on the road these days.

Ursula Preiss said...

Thank you, Astoria.

Thanks Julian, have great weekend, too.

Traffic is crazy in cities,Anna. I'm glad I had no accident.