Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What I mean when I talk about tiny steps.

During the week I work on the third series asanas. Some of them looked doable, before I tried them. The practice of them told me another story.

Third series asanas make me modest again. It is as if I've done nothing by now. Nothing.

For each asana I've to find the first tiniest step.
I've to find out which vinyasa is doable. The arm balancing poses can be done from a sitting position or standing position, from tripod headstand or from handstand. Sometimes it's easier to perform an asana when coming from headstand.

On the picture is purna matsyendrasana, the first step. It's a twist with an additional challenge. It's also a balancing pose.
First I put my left leg in lotus pose and move the knee to the middle. Then I put the right foot next beside the knee. Then I fall out of the pose already. I use a blanket under my body to stabilize the asanas. Then I turn around and feel the edge. One day my hand shall reach the inner part of the foot. It will take time and patience till my body will be able to do it. Yet the first tiny step is done.

With these tiny steps I've the feeling that I've found access to the third series. It's good to know where the journey goes. It's good to have a goal. Yet a goal can be frustrating if it seems reachable too far in the future. To find out what is the next tiny step and to practice this step on a daily basis till one can imagine and try the next step brings joy to the practice.

I even think that this is also one of the insights learned on the mat that are helpful in other areas of life, too.
What's the next tiny step and let's do it. 

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