Monday, March 11, 2013

Third series today

I've always excuses not to practice third series. I feel too weak. I'm too heavy. My break between 2 practices was too long. On another day I want to take it easy.

Today I stepped on the mat and I practiced first the surya namaskaras, then the standing sequence. Then I started third series. I know which asanas of the first two series support the asanas of the third series. I practiced them first as a warm up.

Precisly this means:
- before vasisthasana I practiced supta parsvasahita and hanumanasana (the splits).
- before viswamitrasana I practiced parighasana.

It has been some time that I've exercised kasyapasana and the following leg behind head poses. It felt good today.

I tried some new poses and felt like a bloody beginner. No way to do urdhva kukkutasana B.
My next step will be to watch videos of yoginis who're able to do the poses.

After almost 2 hours I stopped. Finishing sequence and done.
Tomorrow I'll do the same. I've the feeling that second series gets better when I exercise third series asanas. Primary got better when I started second series. I expect the same effect now with third series.

When shall one start practicing third series? 
Precondition is that the leg stays behind the back without holding it. If this is not possible, third series makes no sense.

And now I allow me the feeling that I wish to be so much better at the asanas. After 10 years so many asanas are still not possible. What do I wrong? Do I betray myself? Do I not exercise passionately enough? Who knows. Tomorrow I'll see again what is possible with this U.- thing.

PS: It's all about the hips.

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