Thursday, March 21, 2013

The second asana af Advanced A

Viswamitrasana can be prepared with parighasana from the second Ashtanga series. This pose improved says the history.

Also hanumanasana (forward split) prepares viswamitrasana.

My goal is to perform a modification of this pose first. For me it's OK when I hold the stretched leg with my hand that is supposed to point to the ceiling. This gives a lot of support. Creativity is asked when one starts practicing third series. And patience.

I'm not sure if I practice today. The morning is over already. I decluttered, cleaned, organized. This is an ongoing task in life, too. It never stops. It's never done. It's like the breath: inhaling, pause, exhaling. It feels always liberating when I let go of things. Creating space feels good. It gives room to move. It gives room to live.
There is only one thing that I discarded and that I miss now: It's my analog camera. I could substitute it, but I won't. It's not that important, but to have one, could be interesting.

Time to move on.

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