Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The connections

This asana is the basis for vasisthasana, the first asana of Advanced A series of Ashtanga yoga.

The gazing point is different. In vasisthasana the gazing point is the toe.
And one has to balance this pose on the hand and the outside of the foot of the stretched leg.

It becomes very difficult to balance the pose when the leg is not parallel with the body. Then one has to compensate the lack of flexibility with strength.

This is the pose I exercise every day. I usually hold the outer side of the feet. That way I think I can better adjust myself. Somtimes I set a timer for 1 min. And I repeat this pose.

This asana exists also as a standing position. Many yoginis move the one hip backwards to have the foot parallel to the head. Yet this is not what the pose is about. Like most asanas also this one aims at increasing the ability of movements of the hips. It's all about the hips, so to say.

It was not a long intensive practice today. Rather the opposite. Next week I don't take pictures. I learn a lot via my pictures. Sometimes taking pictures spoils my practice.


It's still cold outside. I ate at the yam vegan deli today. That's why I know it. What was I glad when I was at home again.

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