Friday, March 15, 2013

Staring at my pictures

Sometimes I stare at my pictures in the hope a thought comes up that could help me to improve my asanas. The splits are key asanas in my view. It's not that easy to exercise them. Sometimes there is too much pressure on the knee. When I feel any discomfort in my knees I take care.

Yesterday I had the idea to practice hanuanasana on the bed.
The bed helped me already when I started taking my leg behind the head. The soft mattress made the pose easier as it would have been if I were lying on a floor.
With hanumanasana it's the same. Feeling no pressure on the knee makes it easier to relax into the pose.

I just returned from a Mysore class. Sundays and Fridays I do nothing else but 1 series, either primary or second series. During the week I add asanas and I exercise also third series asanas. One cannot give every day 100%.

The shala was crowded today. Seeing all the yogis and yoginis allows me to refine my practice. Elegance is a key word. I want that my practice looks easy. I prefer daily tiny steps in the right direction than forcing my body into asanas. The face is important: It shall be relaxed. Yet the eyes are open.

I feel good.

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