Friday, March 01, 2013

I'm yearning for a strict structure.

Today is Friday. Friday is primary day. On Friday the last practice of the week takes place regarding the Ashtanga concept. It makes sense. After an intensive week with 5 practices, the body is tired. This makes injuries more likely. To practice "easy" primary on Friday makes the practice safe.
I used to practice second series on Friday because I can profit from my excellent teacher in a Mysore class. I need more help in second series.
There are always good points and not so good points.

What a gift that once a week a led class is offered. Yet it's in the afternoon and on a Sunday. I want to practice in the morning (not early morning) but before 1pm. And I like to start the week with second series as it is recommended. To practice in the afternoon fragments my day. To have only one night between 2 practices is difficult. On Monday I felt usually weak and pressed out like a citron.

I'm a bit finicking right now, I'm conscious of it.

Yet I'm ready any time to change this rigid structure again.
For the time being, I feel that this structure makes it easier for me to step on the mat.

I hope that M will offer Ashtanga classes 6 days a week one day.

It's so amazing how Ashtanga yoga influences my life for the better. I feel good and I've energy.

Plan for tomorrow: Moon sequence by Sweeney. Right it down, let it happen. :)

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