Monday, March 25, 2013

I shall not hide.

I shall not hide.
I'm up on time to go to a Mysore class yet I fear I'll practice at home. Today I've to renew my monthly fee and on Thursday we'll drive to France. It's cold and white outside, it has snowed again during the night. Ahhhh, my mind is searching for reasons to practice at home.
Yesterday I read again how important it is to move. To move is a universal remedy. Even when above 60 and if one moves one can gain the fitness of someone in his/her 30s who is not moving. To move is good for the body and the mood. It needn't to be Ashtanga yoga. For me it is this yoga. It's so perfect for me, I get everything what I want. As Iyengar said: he doesn't know anything else that is so holistic but yoga. I can practice alone and in a group. I love to be able to perform crazy asanas like taking the legs behind the head.

It has been a relaxing weekend. On Saturday I cooked. The recipe was for 4 people. I thought perhaps we can eat the rest on Sunday. Just a thought, nothing was left the other day. The meal was Arabic inspired with chickpeas.
On Saturday we were also downtown to get a new phone. Another item on my to do list that I can cross out now. It was cold and all the passengers were dressed in dark colors.
India came into my mind and how colorful it is there.
With all the public discussions that it became dangerous to go to the shala in Gokulam because Indian men bushwack the yoginis who go to the shala in the very early morning, it becomes very unlikely that I plan another trip to the shala. I regret that only bad news about India are spread around the world. It's such a beautiful country. Most people are so incredible friendly to foreigners. This is so unique. Worldwide.
In India one can find everything to the extreme. My life is so influenced by Indian culture, how can I not love this country. I practice yoga and the source of this practice is India. My "guru" Ramesh comes from India. I love Indian food. I became vegetarian 30 years ago when I learned that in India many many people are vegetarian.
The shala in Gokulam shall be full of overflowing these days. It's great to practice there, without doubt. My practice improved while my stay there and I've been there only 6 weeks.

I had time to take some pictures yesterday. Blurriness is the topic of this week. I joined a group of female photographers online. Every week we work on another topic. So many of my pictures are blurry, yet to create a blurry pictures on purpose can be a challenge. This exercise helps to use the camera in a way one likes to use it. Here is my picture. It's my desk.

Yoga:  it can make sense to take more time for the asanas that are weak, than to whip oneself through one of the series and more.

Time to prepare a tiny breakfast for myself and my E.
Good start in the week for everybody.

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