Monday, March 11, 2013

I overslept. Not amused.

I felt the kisses of my E on my face and I knew at once: I must have overslept. It's me usually who wakes up earlier.
"What's the time?" I asked.
"9 o'clock."
"Oh, no."
It was  too late to go to a Mysore class.
Cursing I sleepwalked to the bathroom to have a shower.
When I came back I asked E who was still in bed: "Have YOU switched off the alarm clock?"
"Now I want to blame you that I got up too late," I told him and we both laughed.

No, I'm not amused. I'm angry about myself. "Homeland" ends after midnight. I can get enough sleep till the next morning when I get up at 7am or 8am. It shouldn't be.
Now I'll practice alone in solitude and liberty. No choice.

Second series is on the schedule. Yes!!!!
I'll pick me up where I am. The breath will be my focus.

I'm ready.

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