Friday, March 22, 2013

How to spice up primary Ashtanga series

Home practice today, because I got up too late.
I spiced up my practice, and this even though my tolerance to stand the stretching discomfort was rather lousy.

1. After prasarita padottanasana D it's possible to go into a tripod headstand.
2. After Utthita eka padasana one can try the split trivikramasana.

3. After Janu sirsasana C one can add viranchyasana B.
4. After Mariychyasana D one can add marichyasana E and F and purna matsyendrasana.
5. When moving out of marichyasana A and C one con do this via galavasana or eka pada bakasana A.
6. Before supta kurmasana one can eka pada sirsasana as preparation.
7. After Supta parsvasahita one can do hanumanasana.

I did some extras today. It exhausted me. When I lied on my back for urdhva dhanurasana, I started sweating already and I only thought of doing this pose. I wondered if this counts as doing already. Of course it didn't count, so I did three very lame bows. More was not possible.

Yepeeeeee, my yoga week has come to an end. Also this week I missed 2 practices. I've been busy with decluttering, planning, so all is fine.

Spring cleaning is on my schedule today. This is part of yoga to keep, rituals that support the practice. It's an awareness practice. To clean is really a satisfying practice as one can see what is done.

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Anna said...

"lay on my back" - hello from Cape Town!