Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Headstand is rather easy to learn. It's a classic pose. When I tell people that I do yoga it's very likely that I'm asked: "Can you do headstand?" Beside headstand non-yogis know the splits.

What do I see on my picture: It's the classic headstand, not one of the variations. I'm not really straight. The straighter one is, the easier it is to stay longer in that pose as less strength is needed to balance.

When I look at the picture I have an Aha moment. I know why it's so difficult to lift the head. This is my next step here.

Each pose has easy variations and challenging ones.

The steps to learn headstand: Headstand can be learned very fast when explained well. In a week it should be doable.
1.First step is to get into the pose. Most common mistake: the elbows are too far away from each other. The closer they are, the better. I always measure the distance. When I can hold with  my one hand the upper arm I've the correct distance. The ankles get pressed into the floor. Helpful are also the index finger. They support to balance when pressed against the head. All balancing poses get easier when the bandhas are engaged and when the breath is even.
Take position. Pose the head between the folded hands. Then walk the feet to the body till the back is straight. Then slightly jump and bring the legs to the body, legs are bent. Then move the legs up. The movement starts from the hips. Voilà.
Tip: Never start learning headstand against a wall.
2. The next step for me was to stay longer in that pose.
3. Then I wanted to come up with straight legs. It looks more elegantly.This pose is called "urdhva dandasna".

4. These days I try to lift up the head. I press the lower arms into the floor. By now I fell out of the pose each time I tried this. The picture tells me that I must stretch my body more to be straight. This might make it easier.

Before writing this pose I read what I've written yesterday. The hips are important, I read. And I feel them today. I'm a bit sore. This must have been an intensive practice yesterday. This is why I can only decide on the mat what I'll practice. It can be that I practice second series today (not third series asanas). I shall see......

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