Sunday, March 31, 2013

En Provence

Yesterday I laughed so much, my abdomen hurt. I couldn't stop laughing, at night I woke up and I laughed again. I saw the most awful translation ever. We sat in a restaurant and then E passed me a little brochure. The text that I read was not understandable. With a lot of imagination one could think what the author might have wanted to say. The text ended with "aroma and fragrance". Lol.

I know, it's very likely that not one single blog post here is without mistakes. Nevertheless I hope so much that my posts are most of the time understandable. I think they are.
One cannot look up every word in a dictionary and then form sentences out of them.

Why have they not asked a German guest for a translation? They could have offered a free meal.

Rain alters with sunshine here en Provence. The little hotel where we stay is clean and I can roll out my mat in the room. The hotel has the flair of the south due to the colors (orange, yellow). One wall is painted orange in the room. The pictures on the wall show lavender.

We eat and drink and we try to speak French whenever we have the possibility.


Anna said...

Gut gemacht!

Debb said...

I always love reading your posts - "mistakes" and all. What is never a mistake, is how you convey your feelings. You are a wonderfully opened hearted individual, Ursula. I love that about you. Hoping your married life is a beautiful journey for you.. You continue to be my inspiration on my yoga journey.