Monday, March 18, 2013


My post this morning was written and published and I knew already that I'd practice something totally different than planned. Hahaha......

I focused only on third series today. I trust that the two first series become easier the more I progress in third series. It goes all deeper.

Primary is mainly forward bending and building strength.
Second series in in my view is a rather balanced series. Back bending is added.
Third series has the focus on balancing.

All poses even the twists have an additional challenge. It's to balance and not to fall out of the pose. Also the one on the picture is a balancing pose.

I don't want to omit an asana. I tried to find out what the next tiniest step is in order to perform an asana that seems undoable for me. Brrrrhhhhh this series is a challenge. I've M. Sweeney's book on the sofa. After the first line of asanas I felt the first exhaustion. I moved on and this was good.

Modification for tomorrow: I have to do also back bending asanas and those of the second series that are still too weak. This is pincha mayurasana i.e.

Only when doing an asana one can get better. This might sound banal. Yet it's so true.

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