Saturday, March 09, 2013


Yesterday 5 people schlepped their bodies to the shala, me included. I was astonished how few we were. The last times the shala was so crowded that M had to tell the yoginis to move their mats to make room for those who came later.

Yet yesterday our teacher was absent. We could use the room for a self-practice. Of course for the bloody beginners it's difficult to practice alone. They don't know yet what to do. But where were all the others?

Discipline is another mental skill that can be learned when practicing Ashtanga yoga. To step on the mat when alone is much more challenging than to go to a led class or to a Mysore class with a teacher.

Finally this is the goal. Mysore classes prepare the student of Ashtanga yoga to practice also alone. This makes independent from classes.

We 5 yoginis had a very intensive yoga practice. Again I thought that exercising the asanas is the golden path,  yet if one looks a bit deeper beside the asanas other skills are learned, too. Discipline is one of them.
Being disciplined is a mental exercise.

Today I'll do no yoga or Sweeney's moon series. I shall see. It's Saturday.


Yesterday we were out with 2 friends. It was a funny evening. We laughed a lot. I don't remember anymore, why.
I MUST refine my eating strategy. We shared a starter. To eat bread to it wasn't really necessary. I left food on the plate of the main course which was very good. I had no dessert. In sum it was too much and too fat. In the beginning and at the end we got Ouzo. It's not necessary at all. My body needs almost nothing to survive.
Today we'll go out with friends again. Let's see if I'll be disciplined enough to eat like a bird. It should be possible to eat out and not to gain weight. It's difficult.
If one wants to stay slim one must cook.


The picture is taken a few days back. It shows tiny gardens. The snow is melted in the meantime.

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