Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Be content

Today I managed it to get out of bed on time. I went to a Mysore class and practiced second series. The class starts at 8am. My body is stiffer at 8am than later.

Frustration came up. After so many years I must be able to do pincha mayurasana in the middle of the room and not against the wall, I thought. I need the wall mainly for psychological reasons. I tried the pose in the middle of the room, yet the result was lousy. I was too scary.

Then I remembered one of the view rules. This rule is an exercise for the mind and it sounds: be content.

Minds are creative by nature and quickly reasons were found why I can be content. I am able to practice all these asanas. When I remember how I practiced 10 years back, then I must admit, I progressed.

Being content is important.
For me this is the exercise for the mind.

I had not enough sleep tonight. Time to nap.

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