Saturday, March 30, 2013

À Lyon

Right now I admire all travelling yogis.
There would be enough space to roll out (Anna!!!!) my yoga mat, but the motivation is not very high. Today is Saturday, your yoga free day, a little voice tries to make me feel good. Hahaha....
Today we'll drive to the south of France. We'll stay at a hotel in a village for 3 nights. The room is booked already. To stay at a place longer than one night makes it easier to practice.

Driving was a nightmare yesterday. It rained all the time. Too much traffic and traffic jams prolonged the driving hours. The estimated 4 hour turned into 6 hours. To arrive is always a joy.

In France if one has special wishes in the restaurants one is considered as expert, as a gourmet, never as a mischief. Also in the not so expensive restaurants the waiters have time to open the bottle of wine at the table. They let taste the wine. Yes, there is always time for this little routine here.

The picture shows Lyon at night.

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