Thursday, March 28, 2013

"90% of my exercise is nutruition."

"90% of my exercise is nutruition." Attila Hildmann said this, a very popular vegan chef and writer. He himself has lost more than 30 kg since he has changed to a vegan diet. His before- after pictures are convincing. He's exercising, too. Latest picture showed him running. He is in excellent shape.

What is true for all sports is also true for those who practice Ashtanga yoga. What we eat and drink plays an important role, perhaps even 90%.

Today I practiced primary with some extra asanas. It was not an easy practice. It's done and as always I'm glad that I practiced.

My next practice will be in Swiss. In my suitcase are 2 blocks and a strap. Might the hotel rooms be large enough so that  can roll out my yoga mat. The conditions for the next 10 days will vary. I do what is possible. The destination is France. Oh, how I love to travel again to one of my favorite countries in Europe.


Dan Chen said...

Happy travels!

Anna said...

'Roll' Ursula; it's 'roll'. R-O-L-L out the mat. This is my ongoing role - to point this out to you!

Anna said...

Oh no! 'Roll', Ursula, 'roll'. It's my role to correct your error.

Anna said...