Sunday, February 03, 2013

Second series today

I practiced at home till yoga nidrasana. On Sundays I'd love to start with second series. And I want to finish my practice on Friday with primary. In the middle of the week I want to practice as much as possible, I also want to exercise third series asanas. My practice took place much earlier than usual when I go to a led class, that way my body has much more time to recover. To have only a night between 2 intensive practices is exhausting. Oh my am I sensitive. I'm curious how I'll feel tomorrow.

The day has been good, I had energy for so many activities. I cleaned the fridge in the morning. I lot of jars could go, date expired. Have I cleaned the fridge the last time in 2011? However, I created room there and it's clean as well and all the ice is gone, too.

Then yoga. It has been a lovely session, so relaxed. I set a time limit. 2 hours I wanted to practice. I did a lot of back bending asanas. I've the feeling I must give this back bending asanas more attention, more time if I want to progress. Less asanas and more intensity for some might be good from time to time.

My beluga lentil salad has been super good.

I know, I'm not alone. I know some people who have the same feeling like me. Time runs through the fingers. Practicing at home I had more time as I had no commuting. It was so cold out in addition.

Sofa time now. I'm alone at home. My beloved E is in Las Vegas. It's a bit too silent here. I pamper myself, too with a good dinner, yet it's more joy to prepare it for the two of us.

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