Friday, February 08, 2013

Primary today, at home

I had to bring myself on the mat today, I had to.

My plan:
- The first step is so important. I planned to lie an my block as usual to have a soft back bending. When this is done I usually go on. So, this morning I focused on this tiny step in the beginning. It worked.
- I limited the time. Primary shall not last longer than 2 hours, second series with third series asanas no longer than 2 hours 30 min. If it last longer I dawdled. Or it's simply too much. Savasana is not included.
- For the future I want to start with my practice between 8am and 10am. Routines help.

After yoga I needed 30, better 40 min to be ready for other activities. I took a bath, washed my hair, dried it, dressed, put a bit make up an my face. I did it often enough, yet I don't want not to shower after a practice.

This is a part time job. It's OK, but this is it. I don't want to spend more time for this passion, because I've other passions, too: photography i.e.

Tomorrow I'll practice the moon sequence by Matthew Sweeney. I want to start at 9am.

My practice today has been surprisingly good. I could do all asanas, the twists, supta kurmasana, all. Not that the practice was elegant, not at all. Elegant i.e. is when I lift my legs straight when I do headstand.

I feel that I've room again for my practice and time.


Anna said...

Sounds like a good routine/plan!

Cat said...

This post inspired me. I feel out of sorts when I don't practice when I planned to. I'm going to remember this post when I'm not feeling like practicing...because it always feels good once I get to the mat and start. Thank you!

Ursula Preiss said...

Yeah, I think so.
Routines make everything easier, Anna.

As much as I like to think, sometimes just doing something is better.

Ursula Preiss said...

Thank you, Cat. If you're inspired it was worth writing this post.

Happy practices.