Thursday, February 14, 2013

Primary. Done.

So glad. I practiced and enjoyed it.

Nothing was added. Every asana got the same attention, the vinyasas, too. I've not yet reached the level that I like to have in primary. I see progress in general and this satisfies me. Path and goal belong together.

Tomorrow again primary.

We're so tired these days. Also this morning it was difficult to find the way out of the bed. Might it be so. I make new resolutions for tomorrow.

Upavishta konasana is one of the asanas that could become better. What is good: I don't betray myself. The back is straight. Of course I could bring my chin to the floor. Yet this is not what the position is about. It shall enlarge the movement of the hips.

Oh, I must hurry.  I'll see B again and her little one. Oh is he sweet.


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Thank you, Astoria.