Monday, February 04, 2013

Not yet back to a stable rhythm

Oh my, it has been after midnight when I went to bed. They broadcast the US-series "Homeland" here. I had to watch. I didn't regret it. The series has 11 more parts.

This morning I switched off the alarm clock. I kept sleeping. Perhaps I needed it. Obviously. It was too late to hurry to the Mysore class when I finally opened my eyes.
I ate my breakfast while leaning against my balcony door and observed the tiny snow flakes falling down. It's cold outside, I thought. I know what it means that I didn't get up. I've to practice alone without the energy of a group of yogis and yoginis. Since the winter break of our teacher M is over, I'm not yet back to a stable routine. Who cares?

I'm sipping my second cup of coffee. It warms me and wakes me up.

I already checked my calender: 3 appointments this week. The items on my to-do list got less, I'm down to 14 activities. I shall see how far I come today. If I can cross out one duty I'm happy. I love minimalistic days.

The plan for my practice: 
1. I'll limit the time. 2 hours is enough.
2. I'll practice second series.
3. Focus is back bending with some extra asanas that support it.
4. I'll do the closing sequence with the CD by Sharath. I'm too fast here when I practice alone. Quickly I want to bring it behind me when I'm so far. Yet the closing sequence is for cooling down.


Anna said...

It is only natural and good to rest and sleep more during the cold winter. You are hibernating and storing up energy for the Spring. Don't fight it! You are living a healthy, natural life!

Ursula Preiss said...

Anna, you become wiser and wiser. This is not irony. Thanks for this thought. You're right.

In addition, I accomplish things beside yoga. This gives me more calm and a relaxed attitude than the 6th yoga practice in a week.

I'm in peace. I accept the wish that I'd love to do more. But as you said it, spring is coming, yepeeeeeeeeee.....and with spring one has more energy.

Kitharo said...

Hi Ursula :-)

long time no see haha I've trouble finding back to my regular routine, too. I've no idea why...

Do you think this could mean you/we have trouble with the rythm, because we resist something? Maybe we're somehow fed up with the pratice in away... at least for me that's true, because usually when I have troubles with my schedule, I have troubles in the practice, too, like... for example a few days ago I got so angry in the sun salutations for no reason. I was cursing and I hated Surya B, so I stopped, did the last three postures (still very angry) and got off the mat...

Maybe your usual very disciplined self isn't there, because you're resisting something in your practice or are annoyed by it... I usually find that when I don't want to practice at all, the practice has great lessons to offer (if that makes any sense)...

So I think you're doing the right thing by staying calm, giving your body the sleep it needs and so on...

Happy practice anyway :-)

Ursula Preiss said...

We'll both get back to it, Kitharo.

I don't know anything better than Ashtanga yoga for myself.

I had a lot to do and everything always takes more time than one thinks.

I don't try to find reasons, I try to get back to the practice as soon as possible: tomorrow....:)

Happy practices for you, too.

PS: Feelings come and go, enjoy the energy. It's possible to transform this energy. Especially when I felt anger (it's not so often) yet when I felt anger and when I could practice yoga despite this feelin, I had intensive sessions. Anger disappeared.

Kitharo said...

I totally know what you mean, sometimes life just has different plans :-)

As for anger... I agree. In general, when I'm "in a mood" I have an intensive practice... emotions are really pure energy IF we remember to use them.

And a big yes to more fun in the practice! We Ashtangi get to strict and ambitious sometimes - no grumpy faces, just fun!

Enjoy the game :-) Julian

Ursula Preiss said...

I've collected so many good tips. As you said it, one has to remember them when needed.

We won. :)

KirillStorch said...

hey sorry this is off topic, can u point me to some good yoga resources for digestive issues? do u have any on ur site?