Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My thoughts have changed

I got up on time today. To start with the Ashtanga practice at 8am seems good to me. The body is still stiffer than at 9am. The huge advantage is that one is finished much earlier. I went to the shala for a self-practice.

Today I realized how much my thoughts have changed since the beginning of my Ashtanga yoga practice. So many asanas seemed to be impossible. I was not sad or frustrated about it 10 years ago. I thought I was too old  for some asanas and I was happy with what I could do. Lotus pose was possible and I considered this asana as important.

With time more and more asanas could be done by myself. One can say a thousand times to oneself: don't limit your potential via limited thoughts. It's simply not effective. One must experience that the impossible can become possible. It can become possible with daily exercise.
These days I think about most poses that they are possible. I know it can take time, perhaps decades, but it's possible.

This thinking habit is not limited to the yoga practice. It started on the mat and now I cannot tame this thought anymore. It shows up in other areas of my life, too. Not everything is possible. Yet also the thought: Let me see what's possible is so much better than discarding things.

So true: it's after yoga mood right now. It has an effect on the well-being. I fee fantastic.

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