Tuesday, February 26, 2013

More back bending asanas

Here are some more back bending positions, that I exercise before doing kapotasana. Will it help? I hope so. One thing is sure, all these poses that I exercise sometimes before kapotasana make this pose easier to exercise.
Also the positions on the pictures are challenging. You can see this on the hand position on the picture above. The right hip is supposed to move further to the floor. I focus on this and the deep breathing.

Mysore class was so excellent yesterday. These classes are highly motivating.

Yesterday I talked with one of the yoginis in the changing room. I adore her practice. She's one of the few who has focus and who takes care of the details (hand position i.e.). Once a week she's going to an Iyengar classes. Could this be something for me, too? I think I'll test it.

Better to practice than to write. Action now.


Kitharo said...

Hey U :-)

you're always saying you hope to practice until you're 90 :-)

Well at least 74 years is definately possible, here's the proof:


PS: Iyengar might be a good idea, I'm always suprised which poses could be done better or more correct :-)

Ursula Preiss said...

Thank you for the link. I had to share it.
I know almost all the places in Mysore. This touches me always to see them.

Next Thursday I'll go to an Iyengar class. To look upon the rim of the plate is always a good idea.

Happy practices for you.