Sunday, February 10, 2013

I wonder

I wonder if I shall practice at home, second series till back bending. I could work on back bending, my weakness instead of going to a led class, primary. I'd had more time as I had no commuting time. I'd had a shorter practice, why not. My back bending shall improve, to give it more time is what will help me.

Yesterday I had a short practice, too. 30 min I practiced the moon sequence by M. Sweeney. I stopped when  about 2 third was over. I want to learn it by hard, so less is more.

One hour second series, with focus on back bending. I tend to do this. To have only one night between 2 intensive practices is short. Perhaps I feel more relaxed for the practice tomorrow, too.
I'll be late in bed. "Homeland" is broadcast again, I want to watch.

I think I've already made a decision, I'll practice at home, as it will give me more time for my photography. The day is so fragmented with a practice at 3:45pm.


Yesterday I saw "Django unchained". Oh my, it was good. Hard. Bloody. It's also a very aesthetic movie. Afterwards I couldn't sleep even though it was already after midnight.

My prevailing mood is excellent.
This evening E is coming home. He's over the big sea right now. The trip in the US has come to an end. I've vitamins at home to help him over the jet lag.

Time to practice!!!!

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