Monday, February 11, 2013

I overslept. Not amused.

Yet what pleased me when I opened this page. This is the 6001 blog post. Oh my.......:)

I overslept, it's no drama. My night was long yesterday. After midnight I found the way to the bed. "Homeland" kept me awake. It's so exciting. I can't wait till next Sunday night.

My jet lagged E is back from his trip to the US. I'm busy washing his laundry. So practicing at home has also a tiny advantage. The washing machine is running already the first time. I can fill it a second time soon.

My plan is clear: second series today. I'll add some asanas that prepare third series asanas like the splits. I'll do more back bending asanas than the series has. To prepare kapotasana is necessary. I do have a tolerance for stretching pain, yet when fun is fading, when resistance to do these back bending poses becomes bigger and bigger, I must approach these challenges with more care and slower.

Yesterday I loved back bending again. This tells me that I'm on the right way. Kapotasana requires preparation.

I think kapotasana is possible for me during this life time. It is. Yet I must approach with persistence and with care. I must put more time in it to learn it than people at a younger age, yet I'm so convinced it's possible for me, too. I dare to say, before my 60th birthday. Lol.

Time to move on. Life is too short to dawdle too much.....hahaha......

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