Wednesday, February 06, 2013 true

I've been at a lecture yesterday. Oh, I arrived like a snow woman. As soon as I had entered the hotel where the lecture took place, the snow on my head and coat melted, my hair got wet. Soon this was forgotten. I cannot remember when I've been at such a professional evening. The analysts from the company that had invited, wore all dark red cravats, one man wore a red bow tie. Only the boss had a blue cravat. :) haha...The ladies wore costumes in the same color. They were all best prepared and passionate.

One of the tips at the end: live rich, don't die rich. Spend your money, enjoy it.  Yep, I lived a bit, today. Hahaha.....

I've been busy, not lazy during January and by now. I'm glad that I accomplished so much. Almost all authorities know my new name. My driver's licence should arrive soon.
I decluttered a lot - an ongoing process.
I read a lot - I need it.

I realized that it could be good to change a bit the approach to my practice: more fun, less ambition. And it's surely helpful to get back to a strict routine. To be on the mat at 8am daily should be doable.

Right now I feel exhausted in a positive way. I feel complacent. A good feeling.

I watch soccer: France - Germany. Afterwards I'll go to bed.

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